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10th House Bill 2 Repeal Bill Filed at General Assembly

Yet another House Bill 2 (HB2) repeal bill has been filed at the North Carolina General Assembly. Yesterday, Senator Joel Ford (D-38, Mecklenburg) filed House Bill 332.

Ford’s bill includes a ‘cooling off period’, which reads, “No local government in this State may enact or amend an ordinance regulating public accommodations or access to restrooms, showers, or changing facilities.”

This makes the 10th repeal bill since HB2 was signed into law in 2016.  The following is a list of former repeal bills, including the latest addition – Senate Bill 332:

  1. SB 748 – Senate Democrat HB2 repeal bill (4/2/16)
  2. HB 1078 – Equality for All Act (5/10/16)
  3. SB 3 – Repeal HB 2 (12/21/16)
  4. SB4 – Repeal Repeal HB 2 (12/21/16)
  5. SB 4 v1 – Repeal HB2 (12/21/16)
  6. SB 25 – Repeal HB2 (2/1/17)
  7. HB 82 – Equality for All/Repeal House Bill 2 (2/9/17)
  8. HB 186 – Repeal HB2/State Nondiscrimination Policies (2/22/17)
  9. HB 221 – Repeal HB2 (3/1/17)
  10. SB 332 – Repeal HB2 (3/21/17)

A week ago, Rep. Darren Jackson (D-39, Wake) attempted an unclean repeal attempt by breaking House rules by attempting to add a HB2 repeal amendment that was not germane to the bill being discussed.

The Democrats are now 0-5 in their attempts to repeal House Bill 2, with each failure being at their own hands.

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The last serious bipartisan attempt at repeal was in December of 2016, however at that time Roy Cooper put pressure on Senate Democrats to kill the repeal vote.

Roy Cooper intervened and quashed the vote for repeal because it included a ‘cooling off period’ on municipalities enacting ordinances similar to Charlotte which precipitated HB2.

Senator Joel Ford, who filed SB 332 yesterday, was cited back in December 2016 by the Charlotte Observer, noting that a moratorium was not a deal breaker for Senate Democrats.

In his State of the State address, Governor Cooper took less than five minutes to talk about HB2 and he called for a ‘clean repeal’ of House Bill 2.

Cooper said in the address, “Our people are welcoming. But some of our laws are not.”

“The legislature must erase this law from our books. Pass a clean repeal of HB2 and I will sign it the same day. Pass a compromise repeal that works to eliminate discrimination and brings back jobs, sports and entertainment and I will sign it – as long as it truly gets the job done.” said Cooper in the address.

Cooper later in the address said that, “we must put politics aside and work together, ” and that he would, “promise to listen, to engage, to build consensus, to compromise when possible.”

The question now is will the Governor follow his own State of the State advice, put politics aside and let Senate Bill 332 go through the process without intervening again?

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