American Lens Celebrates 1st Anniversary

Happy Birthday to Us!

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This week marks the one year anniversary for American Lens News.

We launched in October of 2016 with a teaser trailer that documented Black Lives Matter activists outside the Durham police headquarters.

Here’s a look back at the first week’s stories from 2016 at American Lens.

  1. The Media Says Pulled Events Are “Because Of HB2.” Here’s The Real Truth. 
  2. Governor Debates: Cooper Stuck on Social Issues, Confused About Taxes
  3. Gay Rights Groups, Activists Dump Cash Into North Carolina Democrat Candidates 
  4. NC Science End-Of-Grade Results Suggest Manipulation; Inflated School Performance 
  5. State Legislator Used Official Email to Promote Non-Profit 

American Lens has covered many topics over the last year, from politics to culture to education issues.

Our series on NC school teacher arrests, A Quiet Epidemic, had been widely read.

The topic of teachers having sexual contact with students, both in North Carolina and nationwide, has yet to see the coverage it truly deserves.  Until it does, our site will continue to report on these activities in North Carolina and beyond.

The other series American Lens News has been recognized for was called Carolina Chaos and covered the potential for voter fraud in North Carolina.

Another set of articles that stand out deal with how we uncovered the fact that hundreds of student voters at Duke University were registered to vote at an address that turned out to be a grave parking lot.

During the 2016 election, Bladen County in North Carolina was a hotbed of voter irregularities and absentee ballot fraud claims.

New Hanover County also had its fair share of voter disenfranchisement.

In Granville County, an election worker was caught illegally altering over 250 voter records in order to allow felons to vote.

In addition to these articles, we also reported on the NC Secretary of State, Elaine Marshall, granting Notary Public Commissions to illegal aliens. That case is still ongoing.

Meanwhile, despite all the well-documented voting issues in the 2016 election, the NC State Board of Elections has moved to make make changes to filing an election protest by the average citizen a nearly impossible task.

American Lens Thanks You

We’d like to thank our readers and supporters who have journeyed along with us this past year. We would also like to thank our advertisers for choosing our site to share their business with.

Without our contributors, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Thank you to all our staff writers, contributors and readers who sent us article submissions.

American Lens wants readers know that we are working on rolling out a new website in order to more quickly bring you the news you care about.

Thank you for reading American Lens!

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