Breaking: General Assembly Passes HB2 Repeal, Gov. Cooper Signs It ⋆ American Lens

Breaking: General Assembly Passes HB2 Repeal, Gov. Cooper Signs It

Both the House and Senate of the North Carolina General Assembly passed House Bill 142, which repeals House Bill 2 (HB2), known at the ‘bathroom bill’.

Shame on NCGA - HB2 - Repeal
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Governor Roy Cooper signed the bill.

The General Assembly has met the NCAA deadline.

So did the General Assembly and Roy Cooper just put a for sale sign on our state? Yes.

What social issue will be next? What company will be issuing the next ultimatum while threatening the state?

The Lt. Governor issued the following statement:

“If HB2 was right to begin with, which I believe it was, then why are we repealing it? If it is wrong, then why wait four years to fix it? Such ambiguity undercuts the legitimacy of a law that we have fought so hard to defend. We are yielding the moral high ground and giving in to a new form of corporate extortion from an unaccountable, out of state, non-elected, tax-exempt organization (NCAA) and for what?… a ballgame? Why are we allowing them to dictate to us, laws that govern the protection of our people? We should have the backbone to tell them to take a hike.”

As of the publishing of this article, the Governor’s office had not issued an official statement, but did Tweet a remark:

Activist from Equality NC to Human Rights Campaign to Southern Equality sent out fundraising emails within minutes of HB 142 being signed.

All of their emails contained a similar message to the one put out by Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, a Buncombe county commissioner and Director of the LGBT activist group, Southern Equality:

However, HB142 does not fix this disaster. In fact, the bill makes it illegal for cities to pass protections for transgender people and it imposes a moratorium on the passage of non-discrimination ordinances protecting LGBTQ people. Under HB142, our state would continue to single out the LGBTQ community and make us second-class citizens under the law.

As previously reported, statements like Beach-Ferrara’s are not accurate.  Cities and towns derive their rule-making authority from the state and the State of North Carolina has never bestowed such a power.

No municipality in the state can create their own ordinances such as the one Charlotte created, yet LGBT activists keep pushing this false narrative and media outlets continue to circulate them.

Meanwhile, both parties appear mildly pleased.

The record of the votes in both houses is as follows:

Senate Vote

Democrat Senator(s): Blue; Bryant; Clark; Ford; Lowe; Robinson; Smith-Ingram; Van Duyn; Waddell

Republican Senator(s): Alexander; Barringer; Berger; Britt; Brown; Curtis; Daniel; J. Davis; Dunn; Edwards; Gunn; B. Jackson; Krawiec; Lee; McInnis; Newton; Pate; Rabon; Tarte; Tillman; Tucker; Wade; Wells

Democrat Senator(s): Chaudhuri; D. Davis; Foushee; J. Jackson; McKissick; Woodard
Republican Senator(s): Bishop; Brock; Cook; Harrington; Hise; Horner; Meredith; Rabin; Randleman; Sanderson

Exc. Absence:
Democrat Senator(s): None
Republican Senator(s): Ballard; Barefoot

House Vote

Democrat Representative(s): Adcock; Ager; Alexander; Ball; Belk; L. Bell; Carney; Cunningham; Duane Hall; Earle; Farmer-Butterfield; Floyd; Garrison; Gill; Goodman; C. Graham; G. Graham; Hanes; Holley; Hunter; Jackson; John; Lucas; Michaux; Pierce; B. Richardson; W. Richardson; Terry; Willingham; Wray

Republican Representative(s): Adams; J. Bell; Blust; Bradford; Brawley; Brenden Jones; Burr; Clampitt; Corbin; Davis; Dixon; Dollar; Dulin; Faircloth; Fraley; Grange; Hardister; Hastings; Horn; Johnson; Jordan; Lambeth; Lewis; Malone; S. Martin; McGrady; T. Moore (SPEAKER); Murphy; Riddell; Rogers; Ross; Saine; Sauls; Stevens; Stone; Szoka; Watford; Williams; Yarborough; Zachary

Democrat Representative(s): Autry; Beasley; Black; Brisson; Brockman; Butler; Fisher; Harrison; Insko; Lehman; G. Martin; Meyer; Quick; Reives; B. Turner

Republican Representative(s): Arp; Bert Jones; Blackwell; Boles; Boswell; Brody; Bumgardner; Cleveland; Collins; Conrad; Destin Hall; Dobson; Elmore; Ford; K. Hall; Henson; Howard; Hurley; McElraft; McNeill; Millis; Pittman; Potts; Presnell; Setzer; Shepard; Speciale; Steinburg; Strickland; Torbett; R. Turner; Warren; White

Exc. Absence:
Democrat Representative(s): R. Moore
Republican Representative(s): Iler

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