Thursday, May 17, 2018

Amazon Says No to Guns… But Yes to Bomb Kits?

A British newspaper used the Amazon online shopping platform to buy all the parts needed for a 'Mother of Satan'-style bomb similar to the one...
Curt Schilling Throws Heat

Curt Schilling Throws Heat at Disney and ESPN

Curt Schilling was the type of ballplayer who defined toughness. His legendary "bloody sock" from Game 6 of the 2004 American League Championship Series...
Southern Poverty Law Center Alt-Right Boogieman

SPLC “Alt-Right” Boogie Man Guide

The SPLC appears to be attempting to further polarize college campuses using a flimsy report to hype their new boogie man, the "alt-right." The SPLC...
Teachers Misbehaving

CMS Substitute Teacher Faces 7 Felony Counts [Updated]

A CMS substitute teacher is facing 7 felony counts of indecent liberties with students. Lamont Deshon Barret, age 31, was arrested September 13th in Lexington,...
NFL Ratings Continue to Plummet

NFL Week 1: Double-Digit Ratings Drop

Week 1 was a "tough start for the NFL" say researchers from UBS. Yahoo! Finance reports every game slot for the National Football League's opening...

White Supremacy Pyramid has Charter School Parents, Students Upset

A poster depicting a white supremacy pyramid which appeared on the wall of a charter school has parents and students upset. The white supremacy pyramid...
Ed Murray Pedophile

Seattle Mayor Resigns After 5th Child Sex Abuse Allegation

After six months and a barrage of child sex abuse allegations, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has announced his resignation. The Seattle Mayor had four accusers...

Ledford High coach arrested, charged with assault on a female

A Ledford High School football coach was arrested last week and charged with assault on a female. Ledford High School is located in Davidson...
Do It Like Durham Image SM - FB - Communists

Durham Communists Promote Statue Toppling Nationwide

Communists gathered in Durham this morning to announce a 'national movement' to criminally remove Confederate monuments and statues they find offensive. The collection of activists...
NC CRED - Roy Cooper - Confederate Monuments - Blueprint NC - Dark Money

Non-Profit NC CRED Has Ties to Dark Money, Cooper Ethics Complaint

After nearly a two-year silence on their website, the NC Commission on Racial and Ethnic Disparities, or NC CRED  for short, recently released a statement...

Silent Sam UNC Chapel Hill Protest Nets 3 Arrests

A protest regarding the Silent Sam monument on the UNC Chapel Hill campus netted three arrests of protesters last Tuesday evening. Protesters stayed for several...

Interview: Sharyl Attkisson and her Book on the Smear Industry

Sharyl Attkisson has been described as fearless, courageous and in an era where media is increasingly distrusted, she's been characterized as honest and truthful. The...
Teacher Arrests - Quiet epidemic - North Carolina - Education - Jane Doe

Teacher Arrests in NC: A Quiet Epidemic

Over the course of the last six months, American Lens has chronicled teacher arrests and crimes in the state of North Carolina. In January, our...

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Michigan State to pay Larry Nassar victims $500 million

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