Sunday, January 14, 2018
Anheuser Busch - BudLight - NFL Sponsors

NFL Sponsors Jittery Over Protests; Major Corp Asks Customers for Feedback

Don't let the media fool you, NFL sponsors are paying very close attention to the fan backlash against anthem protests. Anheuser-Busch is specifically asking customers...
Mandalay Bay Resort - Las Vegas Shooting

Las Vegas Shooting Report: 58 Dead, 500 Injured (Updated)

The Las Vegas shooting last night sent concert goers fleeing as a gunman opened fire multiple times into the crowd. The Las Vegas Police Department...
NFL Stadium

How Much Will You Save by Not Going to an NFL Game?

An NFL game is an expensive outing. As more and more fans decide they've had enough of the NFL's decision to institutionalize a false...

Amazon Says No to Guns… But Yes to Bomb Kits?

A British newspaper used the Amazon online shopping platform to buy all the parts needed for a 'Mother of Satan'-style bomb similar to the one...

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A.P. Dillon

Bonus: she has denied it too. But #journalism

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A.P. Dillon

This entire moment is an unhinged garbage rant to rationalize blaming Trump. #journalism