Wednesday, August 15, 2018
NFL - NFL Players Association - National Anthem Protests - Social Justice

Did National Anthem Protesters Shakedown the NFL? You Be the Judge.

The National Football League has earmarked nearly $100 million for "social justice" causes in what appears to be a massive concession to the National...
ESPN - NFL - Social Justice Network - Layoffs

More Layoffs at ESPN – 150 Get Pink Slips

The struggles at cable sports giant ESPN continue with another round of layoffs. Fox News reports ESPN CEO John Skipper made the announcement Wednesday morning...
Durham statue - Durham Monument - Comrades - Vandalism

Radical Group Calls for “brave comrades” to support Durham Statue Topplers

A radical group called Defend Durham has a standing call on Facebook for "brave comrades" to show up at the Durham Courthouse next week...
Benson and Ham autographs end of discussion 2017

End of Discussion: Outrage Industry and How It Shuts Down Debate

End of Discussion. That's the name of the book written by Guy Benson and Mary Katharine Ham, which delves into the outrage industry and...
NFL - Stadium - ratings - boycott the nfl

NFL Ratings Plunge Veterans Day Weekend as Millions #STANDwithVets

The numbers are in and the online movement to "Boycott the NFL" had a major impact on the National Football League's television ratings over...
Durham Statue - Vandals - Kicking - Durham DA - Communists

Durham DA: Felony Charges Stand for Some of Accused Vandals

The Durham DA announced yesterday that the felony charges will stand against the other vandals who ripped down a Confederate statue in front of...
Crowd Cheering - Durham Monument - Durham Statue

3 Accused Durham Statue Vandals Have Charges Dropped

Three of the accused Durham statue vandals have had their charges dropped. Local media outlet ABC 11 reported that the "two felony and three misdemeanor charges...
Empty Stadium - NFL - TV Earnings Losses - 2017

TV Earnings Estimates Hammered by Declining NFL Viewership

Financial analysts are slashing TV earnings per share estimates for the National Football League's television network partners. According to CNBC, Credit Suisse has cut third-quarter...
Anti-Trump Resistance - NFL - NFLPA

NFL Players’ Union Teams up with Soros, Planned Parenthood to Support Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’

"A prominent anti-Trump 'resistance' organization" and several other leftist groups receive direct donations from the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA). 2ndVote has found the...
Your Politics - Classrooms - Education

Opinion: Your Politics Have No Place In Our Kids Classrooms

Dear Schools, Teachers, and Administrators: Your politics have no place in our kid's classrooms. Not only is it state policy to keep personal politics out...

What Companies Sponsor the NFL Players Association? See the List.

The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) is a labor union affiliated with the AFL-CIO that represents football players in the NFL. In recent weeks, the NFLPA...
Mike Rowe via Facebook

Rowe Is Voice of Reason on Anthem Protests

Yet again, Mike Rowe is the voice of reason amidst the screechy virtue signaling of liberals in our country. Rowe was asked about the National...
Curt Schilling Throws Heat

Curt Schilling Throws Heat at Disney and ESPN

Curt Schilling was the type of ballplayer who defined toughness. His legendary "bloody sock" from Game 6 of the 2004 American League Championship Series...

White Supremacy Pyramid has Charter School Parents, Students Upset

A poster depicting a white supremacy pyramid which appeared on the wall of a charter school has parents and students upset. The white supremacy pyramid...
Do It Like Durham Image SM - FB - Communists

Durham Communists Promote Statue Toppling Nationwide

Communists gathered in Durham this morning to announce a 'national movement' to criminally remove Confederate monuments and statues they find offensive. The collection of activists...

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Cooper visits Lumbee Tribe repaired home - that was fixed not by funds still unspent by the Cooper or his administr…

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3 of which were of interest to Federal authorities at one point and one put us into billions of debt... But hey. 5…

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Of course, he did. Judge In New Mexico Compound Case Accuses Prosecutors Of Anti-Muslim Discrimination

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Dems pick 'firsts,' in Blue States (Firsts being Identity Politics Candidates) GOP goes for Trump fave in primarie…

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Now do Public School Employees. #QuietEpidemic Report: Pennsylvania priests molested over 1,000 children