Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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Afternoon Links: Social Media Bad?, Net Neutrality “Falls”, and More

A discussion on the pitfalls of social media, net neutrality "falls", shoe dispute leads to assault between SC strippers, accusation avalanche continues to snowball...
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Lunchtime Links: Moore, Russia, NFL and Biden

Today's lunchtime links include a battle between Washington Post and Breitbart over the Roy Moore underage dating story. Mother of Roy Moore Accuser: Washington Post...
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Lunchtime Links: Rand Paul, Gun Mods, More Sexual Harassment

Some quick hits to browse over lunchtime today. The assault on Senator Rand Paul by his neighbor is looking more and more like it was...
Lunchtime Links, Jobs report

Lunchtime Links: Jobs Report, Accusation Avalanche, Hodgepodge!

The November jobs report, more sexual harassment allegations and resignations, and a hodgepodge of news stories you might have missed in today's Lunchtime Links... ECONOMIC...
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Lunchtime Links: Manson Dies, More Franken Allegations, Adios, GA Dome

Embattled Minnesota Senator Al Franken (D) stands accused (again) of groping, Charles Manson dies, the Georgia Dome gets demolished, and more in today's Lunchtime...
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Lunchtime Links: Sexual Harassment Avalanche

Happy Friday, everyone. Here are some of the hot stories circulating today for your perusal during lunchtime. The news is littered with sexual assault and...
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Lunchtime Links: Sexual Accusations Hit CBS, Top House Dem

Today's Lunchtime Links include new sexual harassment allegations against CBS' Charlie Rose and a settlement payoff to a staffer fired after she rebuffed advances...
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Lunchtime Links: John Conyers Bows Out, Trump Endores Moore, and More

Congressman John Conyers (D) announced his retirement today. Plus, President Trump calls and officially endorses embattled Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, sexual harassment allegations...
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Lunchtime Links: Project Veritas Sting Backfires, 2nd Conyers Accuser Emerges

Lunchtime Links: Project Veritas sting backfired, John Conyers gets a second accuser and Democrat Rep. Gutierrez announced he won't run again.  Also in this...
Good News Wednesday, Miss USA

Good News Wednesday Links: Woman Makes Miss USA History, Prince Harry Engaged

Minnesota woman makes Miss USA pageant history, Prince Harry is engaged and more in our first Good News Wednesday link round-up... LET'S HEAR IT FOR...
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Lunchtime Links: Al Franken Updates, Impeachment Fail, Jerusalem & Child SJWs

The Lunchtime Links for today highlight the calls for Senator Al Franken to resign as a 7th woman has made accusations. Also on the menu,...
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Lunchtime Links: Senator McCain Recovering, Franken to “Reverse” Resignation?, and More

Senator McCain is recovering in Arizona and will miss the tax bill vote, some lawmakers ask Senator Franken to "reverse" his resignation, what happened...
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Lunchtime Links: It’s Election Day!

Lunchtime links for Tuesday November 7th, 2017- Election Day: -- The most watched election in the country today will be the race between former Republican...
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Lunchtime Links: Media’s No Good, Horrible, Awful Weekend in Fake News

Today's Lunchtime Links recap the media's no good, horrible, awful past week in fake news. LUNCHTIME LINKS TOP STORIES - FAKE NEWS EVERYWHERE The media's no good...
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Lunchtime Links: From Zimbabwe to China to D.C.

Today's Lunchtime Links - From Zimbabwe to China to D.C. More Lunchtime Links - Kill the Duck! Menendez Trial update and Moore Trouble. TOP STORIES Zimbabwe's...

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