Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Astronaut - Moon - Space Exploration

President Trump: Make The Moon Great Again

President Donald Trump wants to make the moon great again. Mars too. On Monday, President Trump signed Space Policy Directive 1. The directive is found...
Poling place, Alabama Senate race

What the Alabama Senate Race Boils Down To

While politicos and commentators alike are busy preparing their "super-hot takes" for whatever the outcome of the Alabama Senate race will ultimately be, voters...

Patagonia Owner Calls Trump “Evil” While His Company Continues Funding Planned Parenthood

Yvon Chouinard, the radical environmentalist founder of outdoor apparel company Patagonia, is suing the Trump administration for returning millions of acres of land to...
Fake News Soup Lunchtime Links

Lunchtime Links: Media’s No Good, Horrible, Awful Weekend in Fake News

Today's Lunchtime Links recap the media's no good, horrible, awful past week in fake news. LUNCHTIME LINKS TOP STORIES - FAKE NEWS EVERYWHERE The media's no good...
Masterpiece cakeshop - scotus - religious liberty

37 Corporations Stand Against Religious Liberty in Masterpiece Cakeshop Case

The Supreme Court of the United States heard oral arguments this week in the case of Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. Jack Phillips,...
Lunchtime reading, Net Neutrality

Lunchtime Links: Al Franken Updates, Impeachment Fail, Jerusalem & Child SJWs

The Lunchtime Links for today highlight the calls for Senator Al Franken to resign as a 7th woman has made accusations. Also on the menu,...
Nathan Persily - Special Master

Special Master Persily Produces Plan, Maps for NC Redistricting

Nathan Persily, the Special Master forced on North Carolina by a three-judge panel in the ongoing Covington v. North Carolina case over redistricting, has produced...
Lunchtime links - smartphone - computer - desk - quick takes - news

Lunchtime Links: Flynn, ABC and Tax Reform

Ready for the new work week? Our lunchtime links today cover some of the top stories you might have missed over the weekend including...
Durham statue - Durham Monument - Comrades - Vandalism

Radical Group Calls for “brave comrades” to support Durham Statue Topplers

A radical group called Defend Durham has a standing call on Facebook for "brave comrades" to show up at the Durham Courthouse next week...

Ghost Voters: CA, KY Join NC with More Voters than Citizens

California and Kentucky join the ranks of North Carolina and other states for counties with serious levels of ghost voters. What do we mean by...
Thanksgiving Dinner plate - Thanksgiving Leftovers

Lunchtime Links and Thanksgiving Leftovers

Many of us across the country likely avoided the news over the Thanksgiving Holiday, so we've included some Thanksgiving Leftovers in today's edition of...
Seriously? Sleeping Beauty

“UnSlut” Founder: Innocent Men Who Lose Jobs Are a Necessary “MeToo” Sacrifice

Emily Lindin, whose feminist credits include being the founder of the "UnSlut Project" and a sometime-columnist for Teen Vogue, went on a bizarre Tweetstorm*...
fake news - media bias - propaganda

Opinion: Hypocrisy and Fake News Abound at WRAL

Hypocrisy and fake news abound these days at North Carolina media outlet, WRAL. Last week, the outlet dropped not one, but three separate reports on...
Asheville - North Carolina

Asheville Defies State’s Redistricting Order

ASHEVILLE – On the day that was its deadline for submitting redrawn voting districts to the General Assembly for approval, Asheville’s city government notified...
Roy Cooper - Clinton Rally 2016 470

WRAL Misses Mark on Dark Money Group Fundraiser

Local media outlet, WRAL, missed the mark on the Dark Money fundraiser Governor Cooper and Attorney General Stein will be attending later this month. What...

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Cooper visits Lumbee Tribe repaired home - that was fixed not by funds still unspent by the Cooper or his administr…

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3 of which were of interest to Federal authorities at one point and one put us into billions of debt... But hey. 5…

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Of course, he did. Judge In New Mexico Compound Case Accuses Prosecutors Of Anti-Muslim Discrimination

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Dems pick 'firsts,' in Blue States (Firsts being Identity Politics Candidates) GOP goes for Trump fave in primarie…