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CMS Substitute Teacher Faces 7 Felony Counts [Updated]

A CMS substitute teacher is facing 7 felony counts of indecent liberties with students.

Lamont Deshon Barrett - CMS Substitute
Lamont Deshon Barrett

Lamont Deshon Barret, age 31, was arrested September 13th in Lexington, South Carolina but was transported back to Mint Hill, North Carolina for interviewing. Barrett was then charged and is being detained in the Mecklenburg county jail.

Barrett has been set with a $10,000 bond for each count and will appear in court on September 27.

Since this report original went to press, an additional county of indecent liberties has been added, bringing the total to 8.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say that Barrett had, “inappropriate contact with a 16-year-old male student, as well as showing him inappropriate videos of a sexual nature.

Rocky River High issued the following statement about the CMS substitute teacher:

Dear Rocky River families, this is Principal Turner. The Mint Hill Police Department notified me about an investigation regarding inappropriate conduct with a student that has led to the arrest of a former substitute. CMS is fully assisting in the investigation. The substitute is no longer employed with the district since September 1st. This is a police matter and I have no more information that I may provide. Should you have any questions, please call the Mint Hill Police Department.

Barrett was removed from the classroom on September 1st and subsequently fired.

CMS Substitute Has Prior Record

Lamont Barrett has had prior arrests for driving with a revoked license and drug possession. Barrett was arrested for possession of marijuana according to arrest records.

A background check was done on Barrett before being hired by the Charlotte Mecklenburg district. His past arrest record and drug charges would have shown up on such a check, yet it appears Barrett was hired on March 30th of this year as a CMS substitute.

The State Board of Education says that they do not have Lamont Barrett listed in their database as a licensed teacher in the state of North Carolina.

In July, part of a bill at the General Assembly that would have made deeper criminal background checks mandatory statewide was left to die in committee.

Mint Hill law enforcement officials handling the case now say that the hiring practices employed by CMS have become part of the investigation. Anyone with information about the case is urged to call their office: (704) 545-1085.

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