Colvin Checkered Past Heats Up Fayetteville Mayoral Race

Will Governor Cooper Rescind His Endorsement?

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Mitch Colvin has been endorsed by fellow democrat, Governor Roy Cooper, in the Fayetteville mayoral race.

The endorsement happened late last month on October 25th at a campaign fundraising luncheon. Around 200 people attended that event with ticket prices starting at $150.

According to the Fay Observer, Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Goodwin described him as “a rising star” and said that, “We are fully behind Mitch Colvin as he’s looking to unseat the incumbent Republican there.”

“I’m here today because he asked me if I would support him and I said absolutely,” Cooper said according to the Fay Observer.

Colvin’s Checkered Past

Since that October 25th fundraising event, Mitch Colvin has come under fire for court documents that have surfaced showing allegations of domestic violence and several arrests in the late 90’s. His prior arrests included marijuana possession and a firearms charge.

Colvin was convicted of three misdemeanors: larceny, possession of less than a half-ounce of marijuana and illegally carrying a concealed firearm. He has said he made mistakes in his youth and learned from them.

More recently, Colvin’s funeral home business was sanctioned by state regulators after an inspection found record-keeping violations related to customer contracts. The funeral home and Colvin, as funeral director, agreed to two years of probation as part of a settlement with the state. – Fay Observer

Fayetteville’s current Mayo, Nat Robertson, has gone on the offensive with the details of Colvin’s past.

Fliers began showing up in mailboxes last week in the Fayetteville that included information from a 2003 restraining order filed by Mitch Colvin’s wife, Daisha.

The text of the fliers included the following lines:

“Henry Mitchell Colvin Jr. and myself were involved on Feb. 18 in a domestic situation that has made me fearful of my life and my two children. He has a gun which was taken away by law officers on last evening. He has threatened to put me out and take the children away.”

According to various media reports, Mitch Colvin has indicated that in January he and his wife filed for separation.

NC GOP Calls for Cooper to Rescind Endorsement

NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes released a press statement calling on Governor Cooper to rescind his “ill-considered endorsement” of a “troubled candidate.”

“We understand that Governors support their Party’s candidates, but Governor Cooper’s first obligation is to the people of North Carolina. Everyday we’re learning more and more about Mitch Colvin’s dangerous and deceitful past– his wife accused him of domestic violence, he won’t pay his bills, his business is being punished for deceiving the parents of a deceased child, and he has a long list of run-in’s with law enforcement relating to gun and drug crimes. We do not fault Gov. Cooper for supporting Democrats, but we do fault him for supporting this Democrat. Mitch Colvin is a man with a disturbing history that grows more frightening by the day. For that reason, we are calling on Governor Cooper to immediately rescind his endorsement.”

The statement included details about legal proceedings that occurred last week involving Colvin. According to court documents, Colvin has refused to pay rent for his business. The allegations included details that his business was already on probation for “deceiving customers and negligent record keeping.”

The NC GOP press release included that his wife had filed a domestic violence complaint against him over an alleged incident where she was, “fearful for her life” and that of her children. That complaint by his wife prompted authorities to seize a gun owned by Colvin.

At this time, Governor Cooper has not rescinded his endorsement nor made a public comment regarding Colvin’s checkered past and current business complaints.

American Lens was sent two documents related to the alleged domestic violence incident as well as the business complaint filed late last week.

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