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After Councilwoman Tweets Rumors, Durham Drafts New Social Media Policy

Councilwoman Jillian Johnson - Durham Solidarity Center
Councilwoman Jillian Johnson via Twitter

After Durham Councilwoman Jillian Johnson used Twitter to spread a rumor about the KKK coming to Durham two weeks ago, the city of Durham has decided to change its social media policies.

The changes are being prompted by Durham’s Mayor William Bell. During the August 21st meeting of the City Council, Mayor Bell remarked that, “We, as elected officials, have got to be more responsible, in my opinion, in how we use social media when it comes to instances such as this.”

“Officials should not post or share information known to be false, or unconfirmed rumors about the city,” states the new draft policy according to WNCN.

The proposed changes include a line that says, “Officials should be honest, and accurate when posting information or news, and should quickly correct any mistakes, misstatements and/or factual errors in content upon discovery.”

It all began when Johnson retweeted C. Scott Holmes, the attorney for the Durham statue vandals.

Councilwoman Johnson later tweeted out false claims of armed white supremacists being in the Durham area.

Councilwoman Johnson was asked about her sources for this information, but she did not respond.


The only documented armed individuals appear to have been part of the alleged ‘KKK counter-protest’.

As previously reported, it appears reports like Johnson’s were either false or the persons were misidentified as being alleged white supremacists. In fact, the reports of alleged white supremacists turned out to be the counter protesters, such as this image circulated on Facebook:

Alleged White Supremacist - International Workers - #DurhamHoax
Alleged White Supremacist in Durham turns out to be “Counter Protester.”

This photo is actually of a counter protester carrying the Industrial Workers of the World flag. The hat the person in the photo wears is a Maoist red star of communist China.

This individual is later seen with armed counter-protester, Dwayne Emil Dixon,  in a video from the Durham Herald Sun.  Below is a screen capture from that video:

Durham Herald Sun - Video Screen Capture - Armed Dwayne Dixon- Social Media

Dixon has been arrested on two weapons related misdemeanors. Also being sought is one Elijah Early Pryor.

The flag seen in the above photo can be seen being waved in the middle of  the street later in the day outside the Durham jail.

Questionable Councilwoman Connections

Johnson is affiliated with several organizations supporting  those who toppled the Durham statue.

One group in particular that the Councilwoman is tied to is  the Durham Solidarity Center (DSC). That organization is fundraising for the legal costs accumulating for the communist World Workers Party members who were arrested for destruction of property and inciting a riot.

The Durham Solidarity Center is an offshoot of a 501(c)3 called Action for Community in Raleigh (ACRe), whose charitable status has been expired for some time now. Arguably, any funds raised through the DSC are being solicited illegally.

Three More Arrested for Durham Statue Destruction

More people have been arrested for toppling the Confederate war memorial statue which stood for over a 100 years in front of the Durham Courthouse.

The new arrests include Jessica Nicole Jude, Joseph Baldoni Karlik and far left activist, Qasima Rohan Elise Wideman The three were arrested Monday and released the same day.

Jude Karlik Wideman - Durham StatueRecords show the trio facing charges of inciting a riot and property damage. Wideman was also arrested on May 10th in the vicinity of Poole Road on the charge of resisting a public officer.

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