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Democrats & Socialists Seek To Divide the Nation, Again

For the second time in American History, Democrats and pro-socialists are fighting to dissolve the Union under the current constitution and divide it into an ugly shell of its once great history. Incredibly, they are using their own history of hate and division to do it.

In North Carolina, the icons of the slavery era are emblazoned and embedded in every aspect of the government.

From county and townships names to educational institutions, scholarships, honoraria, and even current-day terminology –  the Democrats cannot escape their past.

Democrats - Cup of Joe - Josephus Daniels - HIstory
Fact: The term “Cup of Joe” was used to describe coffee when the notorious North Carolina KKK Leader and segregationist, Josephus Daniels, had alcohol removed from the Navy Dining Facilities and replaced with coffee. Is that a term of hate, created in the likeness of a KKK leader? Does it too need to be torn down?

They don’t want you to learn history, so they are backing the erasing of it.

One could almost sympathize with the modern Democratic Party because that they cannot outrun their past. But is the modern-day rhetoric any better than the segregationist past? No.

Arguably, the modern Democratic Party platform sounds more like a foreign nation than those of our own country.

They are directly assaulting the cornerstones of our Constitution, the contract and the fabric that binds us together.

Are you Listening America?

The current arguments by members of the modern American Democratic Party Include:

  • Limiting and shutting down free speech they don’t like.
  • Harbor fugitives of immigration law and profiting from illegal and black-market labor, human trafficking (modern slavery).
  • Eliminate God from the party platform.
  • Eliminate freedom of religious beliefs, thoughts.
  • Eliminate the freedom of commerce, deny the right to choose if, or when you may transact.
  • Eliminate the God-given right of self-protection.
  • Compel government schooling, lowering educational standards to the lowest common capability.
  • Compel workers to be in unions, pay dues.
  • Mandate Government Management of Your Health Care Services.

None of those concepts have been or are part of the Republican Party. The Republican Party was formed on the basis of anti-slavery and sadly this is a battle still being fought today with immigration enforcement and despicable human trafficking, enabled largely by liberal renegade city policies of sanctuary cities and sub-culture norms.

Pro-Tip: If your party includes the concept, idea or notion to “eliminate current freedom of ___”, you and your party are on the wrong side of history.

Are You Paying Attention?

Modern Democrats seek to paint the country in an ugly light with their own past (and current) transgressions against humanity. They seek to highlight every negative word and act in the nation’s history and pin it to Republicans, when in fact it is their own past that haunts them.

Communists, Socialists, Antifa, Progressives and Democrats protested in Durham.

Far left activists aligned with the arguments of the Democrat party ‘spontaneously’ showed up to protest a rumor last Friday.

Groups  including Antifa, Black Lives Matter, BYP100, World Workers Party, Industrial Workers of the World, Triangle Indivisible Group, Triangle SURJ and more were converging on downtown Durham.

These groups are rooted in socialism, communism and born of fascism. As is the World Workers Party, a communist group, whose members have been largely responsible for the recent destruction of a confederate monument in Durham.

Below: Protesters wave the Industrial Workers of the World flag.

Nazi’s are socialists. The term or nickname “Nazi” came from the platform of the National Socialist German Workers Party, known natively as Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterparte.

Nazi - Democrats

They hold the disgusting distinction of being among history’s most notorious blood-thirsty anti-freedom regimes in man’s past. They are not now, nor have they ever been part of the Republican Party history.

Does the Republican Party realize that the Democrats have just handed them arguably the most powerful platform in a century?  Law and Order and Free Speech.

Democrats are opposing both of these things with their support of the tactics used by terrorist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  Democrats are so busy driving their wedges between every day Americans, they’ve become the very thing they claim to oppose: Fascists.

Learn Now Or Suffer Destruction

Listen up America. Are you hearing what is being said? Do you know history? Don’t be fooled by the emotional rhetoric or slick feel-good campaigns appealing to the ‘collective good.’

Communists, socialists, anti-freedom Democrats, and the pro-government “collectives” will not protect your children, grandchildren, or make you safer. These groups have a proven history of killing freedom, using violence, instituting slavery, causing genocide, and much more.

Are you paying attention? Are you listening? Or, are you just whistling past the graveyard? It’s time to wake up America. These groups are not the defenders of liberty and freedom.

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