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Pandemic Alert: Liberal Disorder Finds a Cause

A recurring disorder among liberals has found its cause. Follow along with us.

On the evening March 11th, a young lady was arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) at a busy stretch of I-95.

It was unfortunate, but nothing out of the ordinary for a Highway Patrolman.  What was extraordinary is that she blamed it on Donald Trump being President. But that was just the first sign of trouble.

Not only was this young lady asking the officer for leniency because both she and the arresting officer were of Latino origin but she also proceeded to pull up her dress and relieve herself in front of the officer — on camera.

Fishburne arrest photo
Fishburne arrest photo via Miami-Dade

The Miami Herald reported that Montana Fishburne, the troubled daughter of actor Laurence Fishburne, was the young woman who was pulled over.

Fortunately, she did not injure anyone in her escapade.

Although she never revealed her famous father to the arresting officer, she did proceed to tell the arresting officer she had been arrested before for a previous DUI.

The same week, Sports Illustrated bikini model Chrissy Teigen took to twitter to blame President Trump for her high anxiety, mental health status and grinding her teeth.

In fact, she told the Donald that he should be paying for her dental work and the botox injections that she had received in her jaw to relieve her stress from the Republican President.

Topping it all off, Teigen called the President a “POS” which is a common acronym for Piece of Sh**.

It is noteworthy that Teigen had no problems with being injured at Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday party in 2014, just 2 months into the failed launch of the Obamacare website.

However, our researchers could not find Teigan’s plea for Michelle Obama to pay for her doctor’s visit, but maybe she signed up for Obamacare and was treated for free? Not likely.

But we did find this Not Safe For Work Instagram video of Chrissy’s hard work on location on Sumba Island, Indonesia. It apparently was a priority for Teigen that the shoot be ‘inclusive of the titty’.

Grim Diagnosis

So what disorder are we seeing exhibited in examples like Fishburne and Teigen?

It’s known as Progressive Derangement Syndrome (PDS).  It may not be listed in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) but perhaps it should be.

Cue the prescription drug commercial voice-over…

Symptoms of this disorder may include irritability, inappropriate outbursts, occasional violence or violent rhetoric and blaming everyone around you for your actions.

Some patients may experience pain in their posterior regions when confronted with their lack of responsibility. This commonly referred to as ‘butt hurt’ and one should talk to their doctor if it persists or worsens.

Cure is Elusive

Fishburn meme

Unfortunately, the cure to this disease is rare because it involves people taking responsibility for their own actions and failures.

But that is not what self-centered celebrity elitists do; nor is it what they encourage their followers, friends, and young people to do. Instead, they turn over their happiness and their destiny for someone in the government to determine for them.

When the government is in charge of your happiness or self-worth they often abuse the patient. President Obama’s arrogant remarks “you didn’t build that” is a prime example of abuse of emotional responsibility.

When liberals realize that they have the power to determine their own happiness, a special miracle cure can take hold and rebuild a stronger immune system.

Unfortunately, more outbreaks are expected in the coming weeks as the never-Trump and Indivisible groups continue their assault on reality.

When an outbreak happens, American Lens will cover it.

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