Radical Durham Activist Gets Deal for Role in Statue Destruction

Radical Communist Slapped on Wrist for Orchestrating Property Destruction

Loan Tran - Durham Statue - Mugshot
Ngoc Loan Tran - Mug shot via Durham Sheriff Dept.

A far Left Durham activist has made a deal in the case of the destruction of a Confederate statue which used to stand in front of the Durham Courthouse.

Last week, Durham County Judge James T. Hill granted deferred prosecution deal for Loan Tran on multiple counts of misdemeanor property damage that included injury to real property, damage to personal property and defacing a public monument.

Defense attorney for the accused, C. Scott Holmes, claimed victory and said that the misdemeanors will be dismissed once Tran completes 100 hours of community service and pays $1,250 in restitution.  Loan Tran was also ordered to pay $180 in court costs and fees.

Loan Tran had been charged by the Durham Sheriff’s office with 2 misdemeanors and two felonies.

Loan Tran - Durham Statue - Mugshot
Ngoc Loan Tran – Mug shot via Durham Sheriff Dept.

14-132 Disorderly conduct by injury to a statue (Class II Misdemeanor)
14-127 Damage to real property (statue as a fixture (Class I Misdemeanor)
14-288.2(c) Participation in a riot with property damage in excess of $1,500 (Class H Felony)
14-288.2(e) inciting others to riot where there is property damage in excess of $1,500 (Class F Felony)

Loan Tran had previously been arrested twice in 2016. On March 24 Tran was arrested in Raleigh for resisting an officer. On November 30th, Tran was arrested taking part in the “Charlotte Uprising” protests and was charged with impeding traffic.

Durham Activist is Far Left Radical

Loan Tran - Durham Activist - Facebook
Loan Tran
Image via Facebook

Loan Tran is member of multiple far Left organizations such as Black Lives Matter, Ignite NC and is the Executive Director for the Southern Vision Alliance’s Youth Organizing Institute. All three organizations are associated with the Durham Solidarity Center, a hub for far left organizations based in Durham.


Most recently and most notably, the Durham activist has been seen leading the communist group, World Workers Party, which took part in the destruction of the Durham statue.

Tran’s social media accounts include a large amount of social justice and communist ideology. In one Facebook post, Tran lauds Cuba’s now deceased communist dictator, Fidel Castro:

112616 Loan Tran FB VIve Fidel - Durham Activist

In early November of 2016, Tran attended a meeting held by Democracy Alliance, a far left, dark money group with ties to George Soros. The meeting, titled “Seizing Opportunity and Building Power” was held in Washington, D.C.  Tran was listed on the program as part of a panel on ‘forging stronger alliances among issues and movements to win’. On the panel with Tran was the highly controversial Women’s March Organizer, Linda Sarsour.

Councilwoman Involved in Group Tied to Arrests

In the wake of arrests over the destruction of the Durham statue, Southern Vision Alliance launched a petition against Durham Sheriff Mike Andrews, calling the Durham jail an “institution committed to the preservation and perpetuation of white supremacy” and claiming the arrests were a “witch hunt.”

The Southern Vision Alliance petition is noteworthy, as an elected Durham official has direct ties to the group. Councilwoman Jillian Johnson is the registrant for the Southern Vision Alliance website.

According to records at the North Carolina Secretary of State, Councilwoman Johnson is the registered agent for the group.

Current and past staff and board members include two of those arrested in connection with the Durham statue – Elena Everett and Peter Gilbert.

Johnson was also involved in helping to spread a hoax in late August that the KKK were coming to Durham. The fake news went viral and nearly shut down half of the city.

Subsequently, the Durham City Council made changes to their social media policies to keep a similar situation from occurring. It is unclear if the city council intends to address the Johnson’s radical Durham activist affiliations, which have the appearance of being in conflict with her position as an elected official.

Charges Dropped, Hearing Postponed

Three of those charged have already had their charges dropped.  Zan Caldwell, Taylor Cook, and Myles Spignor have had their two felony and three misdemeanor charges against dismissed by the prosecutor.

After Tran’s decision was handed down, those with felonies still pending against them include, Elena Everett, Peter Gilbert, Raul Jiminez, Dante Strobino and Takiyah Thompson.

The remaining protesters charged in the case have had their hearings postponed. They will have their next court hearing on January 11, 2018.

Thompson, the member of the communist World Workers Party who was filmed climbing a ladder and putting a noose around the neck of the statue, was the first arrested. Thompson insists she is guilty of no crimes.

“I am not guilty of the charges that are being presented. We feel that all of the defendants are not guilty of the charges that are being presented, and we want to go to trial. Tearing down symbols of hate and white supremacy is not a crime,” stated Thompson outside the hearing.

Loan Tran and Takiyah Thompson were filmed leading a chant just prior to the statue being yanked down.  Tran appears to the right leading the chant alongside Takiyah Thompson and Eva Panjwani.

Members of the group calling themselves ‘Defend Durham’ was present at the hearing last week. Defend Durham had called for “brave comrades” to join them at the courthouse to support the accused In September, Defend Durham launched a campaign called, “Do It Like Durham.

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