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Facebook and their ‘Fake News’ Campaign Makes Us Giggle

Facebook’s latest ‘Fake News’ campaign makes us giggle.

How many of you reading this article have logged on to see this at the top of your news feed?

Facebook - Fake News - Liberal Bias - Censorship


This little graphic comes with an IQ lowering post titled, “Tips to Spot False News.”

This flatly stupid and common sense list compliments the equally stupid accompanying article, “Working to Stop Misinformation.”

The net-net of that article is that Facebook believes the public is incapable of making decisions for themselves and therefore is censoring what you see.

That’s not an exaggeration; when you boil it down that is what it says and their own article’s bullet points:

  • disrupting economic incentives because most false news is financially motivated;
  • building new products to curb the spread of false news; and
  • helping people make more informed decisions when they encounter false news.

Ironically, as this social media giant currently exists and has existed, it is a unique proprietor of Fake News. It is highly unlikely anyone wants you helping them make “informed decisions” either.

Last year, Facebook declared that Snopes would be one of a couple ‘fact-checking organizations’ checking Facebook posts for “fake news.”

PolitiFact was also given a nod to pick out “fake news.” PolitiFact is like a broken clock — it’s usually right only twice a day. The site was forced to retract one of their ‘Mostly True’ ratings just recently.

PolitiFact is also well-documented as being liberally slanted and very often justifying their ratings by employing a tactic similar to Bill Clinton’s famous questioning of the definition of the word, “is.”

One might have missed their new credibility problem:  A ‘Major Spam Operation‘  which knocked down USA Today ‘likes’ at alarming rate.

Not only is Facebook a proprietor of Fake News, they allow Fake News they agree with to continue to exist.

For example, dozens of Pro-Hamas, Pro-Palestine and Anti-Israel pages exist. Remember back to the 2008 election and all the Sarah Palin hate pages? Many are still there.

Meanwhile items that don’t jive with their liberal narratives are blocked, censored or deleted.


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So Facebook? Stop trying to tell other people what think. We’re not buying that weakness is strength or that war is peace.

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