Fighting Human Trafficking in North Carolina [Video] ⋆ American Lens

Fighting Human Trafficking in North Carolina [Video]

Human TraffickingDid you know the state of North Carolina is in the top ten in the nation for human trafficking?

According to the National Human Trafficking Hotline (NHTH), North Carolina ranks tenth in the nation in the number of trafficking reports.

Between 2007 and December 31, 2016, the NHTH logged 3,255 calls and identified 2,959 victims in North Carolina.

In a report covering 2016, NHTH noted 8,042 cases of human trafficking, a 35% increase from 2015.  NHTH has tracking a total of 31,659 since 2007.

In 2017, there have been 181 cases reported in the state and 598 calls to the hotline from North Carolina.

The bulk of these cases were either sex or labor trafficking. The victims in these cases were overwhelmingly female.

North Carolina’s Lt. Governor Dan Forest spotlighted the problem in the state in a new video:

Read Senate Bill 548 – Strengthen Human Trafficking Laws/Studies.

Contact NHTH:  1-888-373-7888

Cases from Past and Present

Many might remember the high-profile case of Five-year-old Shaniya Davis.

Shaniya was murdered in 2009 after her mother, Antoinette Nicole Davis, sold her to Mario Andrette McNeill as payment for a $200 drug debt.

Antoinette Nicole Davis is currently serving a 17-year prison sentence while McNeill was given the death sentence.

Some recent cases include Eric Javon Thompson, recently sentenced to 15 years in jail, who plead guilty in 2016 to running a human trafficking ring in Raleigh.

In February of 2017, 10 people arrested in Human Trafficking sting in Cumberland county.

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