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Former Randolph County Teacher Found Not Guilty

A former Randolph county high school teacher has been found not guilty of misdemeanor sexual battery.

As previously reported, Jarrett Elliott formerly of Southwestern Randolph High, was arrested and charged with sexual battery earlier this year.

Courier Tribune reported on the Randolph County verdict:

Cheers arose from supporters in Courtroom 4C when the verdict was announced. Others seemed stunned and remained quiet.

The case of Jarret Elliott came Friday before District Court Judge Jayrene Maness, who handed down the verdict, saying to the defendant that she found “beyond a reasonable doubt that you are not guilty.”

Elliott had been charged in April after a student took a photo of a male student appearing to sit on the teacher’s lap. The photo was blown up large enough that those in the court gallery could see most details.

Witnesses for the state included three students, including the one in the photo, the principal of Southwestern, the stepfather of one of the girl students, a detective and two school resource officers. The prosecution’s case revolved around the photo as well as horseplay said to be normal in Elliott’s classroom.

Assistant District Attorney Jodi Allred tried to show that Elliott’s actions, particularly with the alleged victim, met the elements for sexual battery, including being forced against the will of the victim and using force to “touch him because he liked it.”

Defense Attorney Jon Megerian countered that the totality of the evidence showed the opposite, that nothing happened in secret, there were no sexual favors or abuse. “No witness has said there was a sexual nature of the contact.”

The report goes on to detail the events that led up to the charges being filed and subsequent trial.

Two female students testified that Elliott had been inappropriately touching male students. Most of the incidents in question dealt with atheletes.

One of the two female students took a photo that “showed the boy appearing to be getting up from Elliott’s knee with Elliott’s hand on his buttock.”

The boy in question also testified that he felt uncomfortable, however on cross-examination the victim “admitted that he attended three rallies in support of Elliott.”

Read the full account.

Elliott’s name never appeared on the NC Teacher Revocation list, likely due to the trial ongoing and subsequent dismissal.

Another Teacher Has Charges Dismissed

Another teacher had charges against them dismissed this past May.

Laura Patten was with misdemeanor stalking in May. She was arrested May 19 and released from custody the next day.

A week later, the charges were dismissed by the Brunswick County District Attorney’s Office.

At the time of her arrest, Patten was placed on three days leave by the school district. She has since been reinstated to her position as a second grade teacher at Belville Elementary.

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