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Governor Cooper is Mediocre National Poll Suggests

A recent poll by Morning Consult, a national polling firm showed that Governor Roy Cooper is struggling with Carolinians and only ranked 25th nationally against 48 other governors in the nation.

Cooper scored only three points higher in his favorability than ousted Governor Pat McCrory at the pinnacle of his battles with the HB2 bathroom crisis in May 2016.

Governor Cooper
Governor Roy Cooper Smiles at supporters at in event in Raleigh, NC. Source, American Lens.

The results appear to have rattled the Governor and his supporters in Washington, as witnessed by recent media puff-pieces that appear to be aimed at improving his image and his polling numbers.

Morning Consult’s numbers indicate that Cooper is heading towards trouble or has failed to gain ground as the state’s new leader.

Although he may have a cult-like following from the progressive edges of NC’s diehards, his home state poll numbers suggest that he is an average leader, on the brink of losing his post-election popularity.

That could be a problem as Democrats see NC as ground zero in the battle to retake the US House.

Media Not Telling You The Real Story

This week Politico wrote a gushing piece on Cooper in which Rachel Cusick, the author, seemed to drip excessively with accolades. She fawned at Cooper’s “national appeal”

Bill Clinton Winking and Pointing
Governor Cooper was described as “Bill Clintonesque” in his potential to run for US President in 2020 by Politico. Image source: Twitter

and she said he had a “Bill Clintonesque profile.”

Cusisk intimates that Cooper has strong appeal for the party who has no clear front-runner for President in 2020.

However, Morning Consult, a polling partner with Politico and Bloomberg news, does not bear this story out. Their data shows a different story.

One might imagine that Politico commissioned the piece to cover Cooper’s bad numbers.

Not one to be left out, the NC’s legacy new outlets, the News & Observer and Charlotte Observer both ran puff-pieces praising Cooper’s leadership and highlighting the Politico story.

It’s as if they all smell the blood in the water. Although a recent visit by ousted former Attorney General Eric Holder pushed the news headlines for Cooper and Democrats, Cooper’s poll numbers don’t bear out the proof of a great leader ready to take on the national spotlight in 2020.

More Trouble For Democrats Nationally

The evidence tells us that the nations top-ten governors are all Republicans. This would indicate that people are generally more satisfied with a Republican at the helm than either a Democrat or Independent.

Republican satisfaction ratings are significantly higher nationally too, with a median Republican satisfaction rating of 57% vs 52% for Democrats.

Democrats typically lead by larger margins in historically progressive states. Cooper, unlike most Democratic governors, is not too popular.  Cooper only won his race by a small margin of 49% to former Governor Pat McCrory’s 48.9%. Therefore, it is likely that he will continue to struggle in a moderate to conservative state like North Carolina.

Trouble Ahead

The poll numbers also suggest that Cooper could be headed towards trouble. Now that the legislature is out of session, Cooper will have to struggle to find good news to tout.

Other, more popular Democratic Governors like Andrew Cuomo of Clinton’s now home state of New York, John Bell Edwards from Huey B. Long territory in Louisiana, and John Hickenlooper of Colorado, a pro-marijuana legalization state, can point to a supportive base.

Comparing Governor Cooper’s rankings with those of the nations most popular governor, Charlie Backer of Massachusetts, Cooper lags far behind  – by a staggering 19 points. Being 19 points ahead of Cooper makes Backer’s story incredible and indicates that Cooper is at best mediocre.

In Massachusetts, a state with a very long history of progressive leadership, a Republican is the most popular of any other in recent memory. Many modern icons of the Democrat party call Massachusetts home. President John F. Kennedy, Senator Ted Kennedy, and Secretary of State John Kerry are the names familiar to most Americans.

So the real story here is that the most popular governor in the nation is a Republican and he is leading from one of the most, if not the most liberal state in the nation.

Cooper Stuck and Likely to Decline

It is also worth mentioning that Copper has climbed a whole 1% in his rating since taking the helm on Jones & Blount Street. However, he should be much higher. Cooper could be in real trouble by the end of his second year if he doesn’t get his act together.

The Morning Consult poll is a periodic snapshot of the Nation’s Governor’s index which included of 195,000 likely voters and took place from April 1st through July 10th 2017 and was released this week. The results spell out a potential problem for Cooper in his first year.

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