Billionaire Gates Still Dumping Money into Common Core

    Billionaire Gates - Common Core - Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

    Despite dumping over a billion to promote the failtastic Common Core over the last decade Billionaire Gates just can’t stop throwing money at it.


    After seeing this, I decided to snoop around the Gates grants I came across a $35 million dollar grant to the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB). The stated purpose is, “support a college- and career-readiness strategy across its 16 southern states.”

    Heads up, North Carolina, in 2015 our former Superintendent June Atkinson entered into a 3 year contract with SREB for grant monies totaling over $470k to push more Common Core.

    Where did that SREB grant money probably come from? One of the 15 very large grants given to SREB from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    Oh and another fun fact, Gates is helping Soro’s far, far, far leftist Tides Foundation indoctrinate kids in San Francisco:

    Date: September 2017
    Purpose: to support efforts in Stockton to increase educational opportunity and support stronger outcomes for students
    Amount: $529,960
    Term: 23
    Topic: K-12, K-12 Education
    Program: United States
    Grantee Location: San Francisco, California
    Grantee Website:

    There are not enough facepalms.

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    A.P. Dillon
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