CA Gov. Signs ‘Gender Recognition Act’ Into Law

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    On October 15th, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law SB 179, titled, The Gender Recognition Act.

    We previously posted about this bill back in August. Here’s a snapshot of what this bill that was signed into law actually does:

    • Removes requirement to first “undergone clinically appropriate treatment” for anyone seeking to obtain a new birth certificate from the California State Registrar. Removing that requirement means that anyone can apply for and obtain a new birth certificate to change their gender.
    • Totally removes any oversight, input or advice from a medical or psychological professional from the identification documentation process.
      The minimum age requirement for changing the gender on one’s ID or identifying documentation is completely removed.
    • Instructs that a minor can get new documents if they have approval from just one parent. If one of the parents objects, that parent has to appear in court and “show cause” for their objections.
    • Allow parents to change their child’s legal gender without consulting with any type of child development specialist, physician, psychologist or psychiatrist.

    California is the second state to pass a law like this. Oregon was the first. The District of Columbia also legally recognizes “nonbinary gender.”

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