Former NC Supt Atkinson Launches Ed Start-Up

    Emerald Education - June Atkinson - Education

    NC’s former Superintendent of Education, June Atkinson, has formed a new Education company called Emerald Education.

    The three-term incumbent was ousted last year by Mark Johnson, who campaigned on dismantling Common Core, meanwhile Atkinson defended the standards like it was her own child.

    Atkinson is clearly the ‘face of the organization’ as her face, instead of the company logo, are on the social media accounts currently active such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

    Emerald Education Services is 100% staffed with employees who served under Atkinson at the Department of Public Instruction.

    The services being offered on the website are:

    Principal & School Leader Development
    Leadership Consulting
    Strategic Partnerships
    Implementation Support
    Strategic Planning – State, District & School Level Alignment

    Another service offered is “Parent & Community Engagement.”

    Hopefully, someone other than the former Superintendent will be providing that portion of their services.

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