France: “Gender-based insults will be punishable by law”

    france fines gender speech

    France has gone full 1984 as President Macron announced this week that, “Gender-based insults will be punishable by law. Offenders will face a deterrent fine.”

    Measures announced include educating secondary school children about pornography and simplifying the system for rape and assault victims to go to the police.

    Proposals that could be included in a 2018 draft law include criminalising street harassment and extending the statute of limitation for the rape of minors to 30 years from 20 years. Macron also said he was personally in favour of setting the age of sexual consent at 15. Currently France has no minimum age for sexual consent.

    Planned changes to the police system include allowing victims of rape and sexual assault to make their initial complaints online, before going to a police station to bring criminal charges. Other measures include “on demand” bus stops, where women can stop a bus anywhere at night so they can get home safely.

    A feminist group in France called “Osez le Féminisme” applauded these measures but demanded they be funded properly or they will be useless.

    Meanwhile, in the United States, schools are pushing transgender student rights over that of the rest of the student population and over the protests of parents.

    Portland public schools in Maine are deciding whether or not to adopt a policy which overrides parental rights. The policy, according to the Portland Press Herald, would follow the wishes of the student only. The policy infers, by omission, that parental objections are not valid.

    It also includes language explicitly stating that if there is disagreement between a student and his or her parents or legal guardian, the district will “abide by the wishes of the student with regard to their gender identity and gender expression while at school.” This language is the same as recommended by the Maine Human Rights Commission.

    In addition to stomping on parental rights, Portland’s policy requires staff to used the correct “transgender etiquette.” Staff will be required to use a student’s preferred pronoun and any other formal name they wish despite what their given name legally is.

    In the Dallas school district in Maine, parents are suing over their children’s privacy rights being violated by a similar transgender policy.

    In New Jersey, you can be whatever gender you want to be and play on whatever team you want and a, “Medical consultation is no longer required.”  Schools can appeal the eligibility of a transgender student if they think their participation would “adversely affect competition, safety or both.”  There’s a website dedicated to tracking the ‘advancement’ of transgender athletes worth viewing called

    Frederick County schools in Maryland have pushed forward a policy where bathrooms, locker rooms and other similar facilities “should be used according to gender identity and provides alternatives for students uncomfortable for any reason.” That district is also being sued by angry parents.

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