Google Silent on Silencing Prager University

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    Did you know that Google is being sued for allegedly censoring, silencing and violating the First Amendment rights of Conservatives?

    Prager University is suing them for censoring and blocking their educational videos.

    It wasn’t until the Hollywood Reporter wrote about the tech giant’s silence on the case that Google actually came forward with a comment – which was a non-comment.


    We asked Google about the lawsuit. A representative responded, “No comment on this. We’ll let you know if this changes.”

    We try not to read too much into silence. Especially from a defendant who has just been sued. After all, litigation is tricky, and everyone deserves time to investigate and muster a response. Still, a “no comment” days after the lawsuit was filed, especially from a company as big and sophisticated as Google, in the face of the allegation that the tech giant is discriminating against a good chunk of the country is at least somewhat worth exploring.

    Google could easily have said, “We’re not censoring conservatives.”

    And if Google wished to be more circumspect, it could have offered the cursory response employed by many defendants: “We believe this action is meritless.”

    Google did neither.

    There’s more. Go read the rest.

    Reminder: James Damore is still suing Google.

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