Allegation: HIV Infected Teacher Aide Sexually Assaulted 42 Kids

    Carlos Deangelo Bell - HIV - Quiet Epidemic
    Carlos Deangelo Bell

    An HIV infected teacher aide/ track coach at the Benjamin Stoddert Middle School in Maryland is accused of sexually assaulting 42 kids, some of them were male students with which he used no protection.  Dear Lord.


    The Charles County State Attorney’s Office announced Monday a 206-count indictment for Carlos Deangelo Bell, 30, a stark increase from the 119-count indictment handed out in late July.

    Bell is now accused of assaulting 42 juveniles after officials originally reported 24 victims in July.

    “The ages of the alleged victims at the time the offenses were committed range from 11 years old to 17 years old,” the state attorney’s office said.

    Of the 42 victims, officials said they have identified 28 juveniles, and 14 remain unidentified.

    Our children are being preyed on in our schools every single day in every single state in this country. But because there is no cleric collar or Hollywood star involved, the coverage is transient.

    There’s also a trend lately of stories of women teachers predating on young men in our schools which are sensationalized and turned into click bait.

    The male teacher stories, meh, nothing but a police blotter style article, unless the case is over the top horrific. Like this one in Maryland.

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