Silent Sam Protesters: PLEASE LOOK AT US AGAIN

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    Silent Sam protesters in Chapel Hill complained on Twitter this week that a UNC Chapel Hill officer “infiltrated” their group.  Apparently, the university has had a plains clothes officer hang out at the statue with the protesters ever since the tragedy occurred at Charlotteville.

    Once the Silent Sam protesters garnered some media attention, they changed the language from “infiltrated” to a “sting.”

    Regardless of what adjective these students use, what’s clear is this is a bid to refocus attention on their ‘plight’ of being offended by an inanimate historical object.
    Shorter: PLEASE LOOK AT US!!

    Here’s how the students confronted the officer they felt to “betrayed” by after such an “emotional investment” was made in him. The first video is a conversation where two students, one identified as a UNC PhD student named Samee Siddiqui, allegedly confront the UNC Chapel Hill Police officer.

    The students upset about the UNC Officer’s actions apparently ‘don’t get’ how undercover investigations works.

    In a second video, we get to see the faces of the two students hassling the UNC cop.
    The male student identified himself in a rather snarky set of retorts on Twitter as a UNC PhD student named Samee Siddiqui. He did not respond when asked to identify his companion.

    Sounds more like the UNC Chapel Hill officer was doing his job and that tuition money is well spent. Would be a shame if UNC Chapel Hill authorities allowed a crime to happen like the toppling of a statue in Durham.

    After all, look what happened at the last ‘protest‘.

    According to ABC 11, the students were upset. Oh no. According to the ABC 11 report, an alleged students named Heather Redding and Maya Little complained to the UNC Board of Governors. Little told them that, “A police officer that we pay our student fees and tuition to was hired to spy on us, to spy on students.”

    What would he have been paid with Ms. Little? Monopoly money?

    A little digging indicates that Ms. Redding has been very busy pushing the removal of all statues and confederate flags.

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