Software That Caused Chaos in Durham OK’d By Judge

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    From the ‘what could possibly go wrong’ department. – “Judge denies North Carolina’s challenge of election software.”

    Yes, that headline is referring to the same software that ‘broke down’ on election night in Durham in 2016 and subsequently 90,000 votes magically appeared.

    Previous report by News and Observer, emphasis added:

    The State Board of Elections & Ethics Enforcement is appealing an administrative law judge’s decision Friday allowing counties to use software from a company called VR Systems that checks voters’ registration information.

    Durham was using VR software on Election Day last year when a malfunction forced the county to switch to paper poll books. The glitch halted voting in some areas, and eight precincts extended voting hours.

    The state elections board doesn’t want counties to use the software. The board hasn’t certified it, as required by law. In a court complaint, VR Systems said the elections board improperly revoked its license, and that some counties still want to use its product.

    So, the NC State Board of Elections doesn’t want this software to be used and has not certified it. Arguably, counties using it anyway are opening themselves up for a variety of legal challenges over results produced by said software.

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