Trump Gets UCLA Players Released From China

    UCLA Players - China - Shoplifting

    In case you missed it, President Trump secured the released of three UCLA basketball players after they were arrested for shoplifting in China.

    Once back in the United States, Cody Riley, LiAngelo Ball and Jalen Hill, along with Coach Steven Alford, held a press conference and thanked the President for basically rescuing them.

    “To President Trump and the United States government, thank you for taking the time to intervene on our behalf. We really appreciate you helping us out,” said Riley in his statement.

    LiAngelo Ball and Jalen Hill also thanked the President.


    Video via Free Beacon:

    UCLA athletic director, Dan Guerrero, was also at the press conference, thanked the President.

    “I also want to add my sincere thanks to Chancellor Block for his resolute support throughout as well as to acknowledge the efforts of President Trump and his administration including White House Chief of Staff General Kelly who took the time to call our students over the weekend,” said Guerrero.

    Guerrero also released details about what exactly happened in China.

    They also apologize for trying to steal merchandise.

    “I’d also like everyone to know that this does not define who I am,” said Ball. “My family raised me better than that and I’m going to make myself a better person from here on out.”

    “I take full responsibility for the mistake I have made, shoplifting,” Cody Riley stated. “I know that this goes beyond letting my school down, that I let the entire country down.”

    UCLA has suspended them indefinitely.  A full transcript can be found at 24/7 Sports.

    These players were extremely lucky. Things could of easily turned out like what happened to Otto Warmbier, who the Obama administration let languish in North Korea.

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