Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The House of Cooper

Roy Cooper’s Education Commission: Unelected, Partisan Shadow Group

Back in July, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper announced the formation an education commission entitled, the Governor's Commission on Access to Sound Basic Education. Cooper...

WRAL Misses Mark on Dark Money Group Fundraiser

Local media outlet, WRAL, missed the mark on the Dark Money fundraiser Governor Cooper and Attorney General Stein will be attending later this month. https://twitter.com/WRAL/status/930562001016967168 What...

Cooper Loses Appeal Over Cabinet Appointees

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper lost his appeal this week regarding his lawsuit over the law which requires the General Assembly to approve Cabinet appointees. This...

Colvin Checkered Past Heats Up Fayetteville Mayoral Race

Mitch Colvin has been endorsed by fellow democrat, Governor Roy Cooper, in the Fayetteville mayoral race. The endorsement happened late last month on October 25th...

Russian Dossier Firm Linked to NC’s Cooper, Redistricting, Voter ID

Editorial: Russian Dossier Firm Linked to Cooper, Redistricting, Voter ID Last week the Washington Post reported that Marc Elias of the Perkins-Coie law firm...

LGBT PAC Dark Money Ties Boosted Cooper, Stein

An LGBT PAC that took donations from Hollywood producer and sexual predator Harvey Weinstein gave money to two organizations with political ties in North...

Cooper on Track To Break NC Veto Record

North Carolina's Democrat Governor, Roy Cooper, is on track to break the veto record held by former Democrat Governor Beverly Perdue. During her one-term tenure,...

NC Gov Reopens Transgender Bathroom Issue, LGBT Groups Don’t Think It...

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has reopened the transgender bathroom debate despite previous promises to move past the issue. In March, Cooper signed HB 142,...

Cooper and Stein Attempt To Re-Start NC Bathroom War

Cooper and Stein can't seem to stay out of North Carolina bathrooms Last Wednesday, October 18th, NC Governor Roy Cooper and Attorney General Josh Stein...

The Cooper Promise Tracker


  • I will look to spur more private lending, with the help of federal funds, to provide greater credit access for entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  • I will seek up to one million dollars in private investment to seed a collateral support micro-loan program.
  • I will work to create a statewide mentorship program to support small businesses.
  • I will launch “NC Business Made Easier,” a streamlining initiative that will root out inefficiencies and redundancies with our business services in order to provide better customer service to small businesses, an effective strategy employed by Maryland.
  • I will work with our state and local chambers of commerce, and our regional leaders to identify ways state government could be a better partner to our businesses.
  • I will request a full assessment of incentive programs to be completed within my first year in office. (JDIG projects)
  • I will put measures in place to direct more incentives to projects in target industries with legitimate growth potential, so we invest in more winners and create more jobs.
  • I will make doing business easier.


  • I promise economic gains for North Carolina.
  • “I will work with the business community to develop a new state economic plan for North Carolina … This will include working closely with each of our unique regions.”


  • I will raise teacher salaries to at least the national average.
  • I will boost pre-kindergarten funding.
  • I will revive the Teaching Fellows program.
  • I will cut back on Standardized testing.
  • I will implement background checks for educators.
  • I will work to increase funding for Smart Start and NC Pre-K, with a sustainable plan that gives priority to serving more at-risk children.
  • I will be an advocate for early reading programs.
  • I will work in a bipartisan manner to strive to raise teacher pay to at least the national average.
  • I will streamline the workforce development system and ensure that programs match the needs of the industries targeted for future growth.
  • I will increase the number of apprenticeship programs in high-need industry areas, like construction trades and advanced manufacturing.
  • I will look to expand Regional Leadership Academies to create a stronger pipeline of exceptionally trained and high quality principals.
  • I will work with our state’s education leaders to create a Freedom & Flexibility Pledge for principals that outlines a certain level of flexibility and freedom that public school administrators should have.
  • I will push to expand them (Career Readiness Academies)  statewide in partnership with our local community colleges, and ensure that coursework is aligned with the needs of high-demand . industries in the community.
  • I will ensure the state proactively engages with federal student loan borrowers through a social media outreach campaign about student debt relief programs.
  • I will be committing to a budget that does not shortchange public schools and keeps pace with increases in student enrollment.
  • I will be pushing back on action that drains public school support.
  • I will identify a consistent, reliable funding source for public schools to keep funding levels adequate and predictable in the future.
  • I will provide state support to help districts find savings to drive dollars to the classroom.
  • I will reform lottery spending and maximize our education dollars by putting a stop to legislators raiding lottery proceeds.

Higher Education

  • I will reverse the financial aid funding cap.
  • I will push to expand them statewide in partnership with our local community colleges, and ensure that coursework is aligned with the needs of high-demand industries in the community.
  • I will call for establishing a state loan refinancing authority.
  • I will ease student loan debt.
  • I will make community college tuition free by leveraging federal grants.
  • I will put together a team of education partners and budgetary advisors to design a proposal for North Carolina to offer free tuition for community college.


  • I will Repeal House Bill 2 and I will work to bring back those jobs lost because of HB2.


  • I will explore the use of Social Impact Bonds for results-based care and other intervention programs serving at-risk children.
  • I will expand the Nurse-Family partnership.
  • I will tackle as governor accepting Medicaid expansion. Cooper said this was ‘one of the first things he would do’.


  • I will revise the police video law.


  • I will use a portion of any future gains in state revenue to reinstate the childcare tax credit for working families, with the potential to increase the credit amount as revenues grow over time.
  • I will look at ways we can provide this important tax break to middle class families.
  • I will fight to restore the Film Tax Credit.
  • I will not increase taxes to pay for my proposals.
  • I will work to increase the amount of hours of unpaid leave for parents, and at a minimum, to expand the current allowance to make it four hours per child.


  • I will work to leverage the existing middle mile network of MCNC to reach more unserved and underserved areas. (High Speed Internet)

Transportation and Transparency

  • I will not institute tolls on  I-77.
  • I will provide public records in a timely fashion.

Voting and Elections

  • I will reinstate same-day voter registration.
  • I will extend early voting from 10 to 17 days.
  • I will allow for online voter registration.
  • I will rollback voter ID and pass laws that encourage voting
  • I will support an independent redistricting committee.
  • I will fight against gerrymandering.
  • Promised to end gerrymandering and that ” Democrats would give up the right to draw political districts that would give their candidates an advantage over Republicans if they regain legislative power.”

Commitments made by NC Gov. Roy Cooper

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