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Houston Strong: 15 Iconic Images That Show The True Spirit Of America

US Flag - TX Guard - Houston - Houston Strong
‘An American flag flies from a @TexasGuard truck, which is being used to rescue the residents of @HoustonTX during #HurricaneHarvey’ – Image/Quote via @RandyStillinger

In terms of rebuilding and getting back to normal, Houston and much of southeastern Texas have a long road ahead of them after the havoc wreaked by Hurricane Harvey. But along with the many scenes of destruction and despair that have come across our social media feeds, other images (and videos) have provided immense hope. Along with that, they also give a much better picture of what America is truly all about.

Below are 15 of them.

(Watch the remarkable back story on the above photo here!)

It’s not about Neo-Nazism nor white supremacy. It’s not about Antifa extremists. It’s about real people. Regular people: black, white, Hispanic, Asian, women, men, young and old, North, South, East, and West coming together in a time of crisis to lend a helping hand.

This, y’all, is the true spirit of America. Don’t ever let anyone tell you any differently.


For more information on Hurricane Harvey relief efforts and how you can help – or receive help – in the aftermath, click here.

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