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Illegal Alien who raped 14 year-old girl being held on $205,000 bond in Lee County, NC

The brutal rape of a 14 year-old high school student in Maryland by an illegal alien has made national headlines. Closer to home, a similar story has yet to garner such attention.

On Monday, March 27th the FayObserver reported that 18 year-old Oliver Hernandez residing on Big Springs road in Sanford was charged with misdemeanor sexual battery. The FayObserver said that, “A student at a Lee County school is accused of inappropriately touching another student on campus during the school day, according to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.”

However, according to police records, Hernandez was charged in 2015 with 1st degree rape, 1st degree sexual assault. The charge report also reads, “MAG ORDR M SEXUAL BATTERY” (Magistrate Order Misdemeanor Sexual battery). The bond totals for the two were $20,000 and $5,000 respectively.

Upon contacting the Lee county sheriff’s department, Sheriff Carter indicated that Oliver Hernandez now has a $205,000 bond and is currently in their jail. Carter also noted that Hernandez is an illegal alien and that there is an ICE detainer on him as well.

Sheriff Carter clarified that the 2015 charges were still pending and this recent set of charges violated his bond. Carter indicated he was in the process of inquiring why an ICE detainer was not placed on Hernandez at that time.

Oliver Hernandez - Rape - Lee County - Illegal Alien - DACA
Oliver Hernandez – 2015 mugshot via Lee County Sheriff Dept.

Hernandez is no stranger to the legal system as previously mentioned. On April 21st, 2015, he and three other males allegedly gang raped another 14 year-old girl.

ABC 11 reported in 2015 that, “Miguel Angel Alvarez, 17, of 301 Star Lane, Sanford, Oliver Hernandez, 16, of 45 Big Springs Road, Sanford, a 15-year-old and 14-year-old were each charged with first-degree rape, first-degree kidnapping and first-degree sexual offense.”

Questions remain as to why Hernandez was allowed to remain in Lee county and apparently return to the high school he was attending after the alleged rape in 2015.

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A review of North Carolina news stories revealed that in the last 9 months, there have been at least 50 incidents of sexual assault related crimes committed by persons illegally in the country.

This article has been updated to include recent statements of clarification from the Lee County Sheriff’s department.

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