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Illegal Aliens Would Get ‘Limited ID Cards’ Under Proposed NCGA Bill

A bill submitted to the NC State General Assembly aims to give a special, “limited identification card” to illegal aliens.

House bill 749 titled, Limited Identification Cards, has a section under ‘Issuance and renewal of drivers licenses’ where illegal aliens are allowed to get “limited identification cards.”

“Application. – To obtain a special identification card, learners permit, or drivers license from the Division, a person shall complete an application form provided by the Division, present at least two forms of identification approved by the Commissioner, be a resident of this State, and, except for an a special identification card, demonstrate his or her physical and mental ability to drive safely a motor vehicle included in the class of license for which the person has

The issuance of such a card does have several requirements, such as applicant’s full name, mailing address and residence address. It also includes a physical description of the applicant, applicant’s date of birth and the applicant’s valid social security number.

The bill specifies that, “The Division shall not issue an a special identification card, learners permit, or drivers license to an applicant who fails to give the applicant’s valid social security number.”

That provision should bar illegal aliens from obtaining a driver’s license. However the door is open for the possibility for an illegal alien to use a false or stolen social security number to obtain the limited ID and, as a result, a license.

The last action on the bill’s history notes it has been referred to the Committee on Judiciary I and if favorable, the bill will head to the finance committee.

House Bill 749 isn’t the only way illegal aliens have the potential to gain privileges normally reserved for U.S. citizens.

American Lens reported that Secretary of State Elaine Marshall  has granted Notary Public Commissions to illegal aliens. An investigation of the matter has been proposed.

Headed Down a Familiar Road

James Johnson of NC FIRE says we’ve been down this road before, citing a 2013 attempt at a similar ID car. NC FIRE is an organization tracking illegal alien crime and is focused on immigration reform and enforcement of reforms.

“We’ve been down this road before in 2013 with Rep. Warren trying to legitimize illegal aliens in this state through HB 786 – the Reclaim NC Act, we didn’t approve of it then and we don’t approve of it now,” said Johnson.

“HB 749 would also serve to by-pass the “no sanctuary city policy laws” in our state by encouraging illegal aliens to come to, and to reside in NC which is against Federal law,” Johnson stated.

Ron Woodard, Director of NC LISTEN, agrees with Johnson’s assessment. NC LISTEN is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit involved in, “immigration reform and educating the public about immigration and its effects on America.”

H.B. 749 would be a “back door” approach to defying our state sanctuary city statute included in Session Law 2015-294,: said Woodard.

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Woodard continued, stating that, “H.B. 749 would provide a state-issued ID to illegal immigrants, providing a level of legitimacy, to be used by law enforcement in sanctuary leaning cities to claim an identity for the illegal immigrant and keep the illegal from being taken to jail for further scrutiny and possible deportation, thereby thwarting our sanctuary city statute and encouraging more illegal immigrants to come to North Carolina.”

American Lens reached out to Rep. Warren for comment, however no response was received by publication time.

Illegal Aliens Causing Tragedy Behind The Wheel

Illegal aliens committing crimes behind the wheel is a reality both in North Carolina and across the nation.

Earlier this month in Johnston County, an 18-year old illegal alien named Genaro Muniz-Padilla intentionally ran down named Jamica Williams, father of 3. Williams died as a result of being run over by Muniz-Padilla.

Muniz-Padilla, a North Johnston County High School student, was arrested on April 14 in Selma by Kenly Police after he was observed fleeing the scene by officers.

He was charged with felony second degree murder without regard. Muniz-Padilla is being held without bond at the Johnston County Detention Center and local law enforcement confirms that an ICE Detainer hold has been placed on him.

An article published by JoCoReport states that, “an eyewitness told family members it started after the suspect became upset at Jamica Williams for allegedly saying something to a female at a nearby home before he left pushing a bicycle. Muniz-Padilla allegedly followed and after stopping and confronting him again, got back into his vehicle and fatally struck him.”

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In neighboring Tennessee, 30-year-old Alan Jacob Mogollon-Anaya got behind the wheel drunk, crashed head-on into another car, killing Shirra Branum and injuring her 9 year-old son.

Drunk Driver - Drinking and Driving - DWI - Illegal Aliens - Illegal Alien - CrimeMogolloan-Anya’s blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit.

Mogolloan-Anya had his three small children in the car at the time of the crash. All three were admitted to a local area hospital in critical condition.

The local sheriff stated to WCSO that, “He was on bond from ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), I think it was $15,000 bond and they gave him temporary work visa and a temporary social security card.”

Mogolloan-Anya apparently suffered minor injuries and has since disappeared.  Local law enforcement is urging the public to call any tips in to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 423-788-1414.

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