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NC Sen. Jeff Jackson Silent After Arrest of Two Jewish Community Center Bomb Threat Suspects

Last month NC Democratic Senator Jeff Jackson (NC-37)  impugned President Donald Trump and his supporters for a recent rash of Jewish Community Center bomb threats across the nation.

After two recent arrests of suspects in those cases, Jackson has remained silent. The state Senator ignited a firestorm of hate against President Trump and his supporters after being quoted in a recent article and has yet to issue any retraction or statements of regret.

NC Senator Jeff Jackson
NC Senator Jeff Jackson talks to young children (via Facebook). Jackson blamed a recent wave of Jewish Community Center Bomb threats on President Trump and his supporters.

Jackson was featured in  recent Rolling Stone article

“We’ve had three bomb threats in the last five years, and they’ve all happened in the last 60 days,” Jackson, a Democrat who represents North Carolina’s 37th district, tells Rolling Stone. “Find me the person who thinks that’s a coincidence.”

Jackson continued his indictment and carried the emotional argument further by bringing his young son into the fray, something typically off-limits by public officials.

Jackson posted pictures of his son on social media, playing happily and telling people who didn’t like his son being happy to take it up with the FBI. (Note, we are not linking to this tweet out of respect for his family, which deserves greater privacy.)

The Rolling Stone article went on to say, “He [Jackson] places the blame squarely at Trump’s feet.”

In that article, neither Rolling Stone or Jackson disclosed that Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, is Jewish, nor that his grandchildren are also Jewish. Rather, it insinuated that Trump and his supporters were anti-semitic and the cause of the threats.

Conduct Unbecoming

Senator Jackson, is an elected representative of the people and an ambassador for the state of North Carolina. His inflammatory tweets and statements have incited a significant amount of hatred and vitriolic comments voiced by many of his supporters and followers.

Being the state’s newest cheerleader for animosity is neither flattering, nor becoming. Senator Jackson has portrayed and continues to provoke an ugly, indecent, violent reaction to Trump’s supporters (many of whom live within his district).

Ultimately, Senator Jackson must answer to the people. The question remains, is he a representative of all the people of his district, or just the ones who hate President Trump?

A few of the twitter comments sent to Jackson

Two Bombing Center Suspects Detained

Suspect #1: On Tuesday, March 22nd, Israeli Police Forces detained the prime suspect for hundreds of Jewish Community Center Bomb threats made across the country

Jewish Man Arrested Jewish Community Center Bomb threats
An 18 year-old Jewish man was arrested in Israel for a string of recent bomb threats to US Jewish Centers. Courtesy & Credit to The Times of Israel and (Flash90)

The 18-year-old man, whom  reportedly suffers from a brain tumor, tried to grab an officer’s gun while in the courtroom for his first hearing.

The Jewish teen had no comments during his arraignment. He holds dual citizenship in both America and Israel. The Judge has ordered his name be kept sealed until a full medical evaluation has been completed.


Suspect #2: On Friday, March 3rd, 2017, the FBI arrested a 31-year-old Missouri man for communicating threats to Jewish Centers.

Juan Thompson - Jewish Community Center Bomb threats
Juan Thompson courtesy, of BRIC TV

Juan Thompson was a former writer for The Intercept, an on-line publication owned by liberal billionaire and PayPal co-founder Pierre Omidyar,  Thompson reportedly harassed his Jewish ex-girlfriend and co-worker, to attempt some form of revenge for jilting him.

As of the release of this article, there has been no retraction of Jackson’s statements in Rolling Stone, Facebook or elsewhere.  He laid the blame for the Jewish Community Center Bomb threats at Trump’s feet. There has been no praise for the FBI under Jeff Sessions leadership in pursuit of apprehending the two suspects.

There has been no attempt by Jackson to ask for calm and civility in a moment of crisis, but rather he deliberately fanned the flames of discord. Humanity, decorum and civility has been turned asunder for Jackson’s political gain and quest for notoriety.

History will reflect poorly on  Jackson’s derisive partisanship and his true feelings for those who disagree with his political views. Scorched earth. Perhaps it is time for him to think upon on how he can be a uniting leader instead of dividing his constituents.

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