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Joseph Davis, Former NC Superintendent, Arrested on Felony Fraud

Joseph Davis - Ferguson-Florissant - Washington County - NC
Joseph Davis

The current Ferguson-Florissant School District Superintendent, Joseph Davis, was arrested on two counts of felony fraud in a warrant issued by the state of North Carolina.

Davis, 47, was arrested Thursday August 17th by the St. Louis County Police Department for charges of obtaining property by false pretense.  The warrant accuses Joseph Davis of renting a car and hotel room using a North Carolina school district credit card without proper authorization.

Davis was released from jail after posting bail on Friday afternoon after a short hearing.

According to local media reports, a local attorney named Paul D’Agrosa told the hearing judge that Davis would not waive extradition to North Carolina.

Joseph Davis worked for the Washington County School District in North Carolina from 2012 to 2015. Davis resigned to take over the Ferguson-Florissant School District on July 1, 2015.

The Ferguson-Florissant School Board issued a statement that said the board had approved a request for a paid leave of absence from Davis.

Ferguson-Florissant Board President Rob Chabot in the statement, “Our hope is that Dr. Davis will return to lead the District, however, we have enlisted Deputy Superintendent Larry Larrew to serve as Acting Superintendent until this matter is resolved.”

The Ferguson-Florissant board held an emergency closed meeting on the matter.

district has 10,200 students and the current salary for Joseph Davis is $213,286. According to the district, on top of that salary, Davis receives an additional $9,150 in insurance benefits.

Past Allegations for Joseph Davis

This isn’t the first time Joseph Davis has been accused of possible misuse of Washington County School District funds.

A 2016 audit of the Washington County School District showed that Davis had misused over $100,000 during a 33-month period. The audit said Davis used $94,000 in funds without proper authorization.

The audit said $15,800 in federal funds were used for entertainment without federal authorization, including $9,025 for inflatable bounce houses at six different events and $5,925 for food at various events.

According to the audit, Joseph Davis spent $48,021 on travel and “rarely provided a documented business purpose.

Davis was reimbursed on a regular basis above the School’s per diem rates and often failed to submit itemized receipts as required.

Davis spent an additional $27,380 on food using a school-issued credit card. Davis did not provide the required itemized receipts.

While Superintendent in Washington County, Davis did not properly document the business purpose for local meals he submitted for reimbursement.

Joseph Davis also allegedly spent $15,800 of Title I and Title II federal funds on entertainment without federal authorization. Those charges included:

  • $9,025 on inflatable bounce houses on six occasions
  • $5,925 on food 17 different times
  • $600  on a video game trailer
  • $250 in gift cards allegedly distributed at a Christmas party

The audit states that $18,800 was spent on purchases at various retailers such as the Apple Store, Amazon, Best Buy, and Barnes and Noble. Again, Davis did not list a business purpose.

The audit also detailed that $40,000 was used by the Washington County School’s Board of Education for travel without the correct authorizations.

Joseph Davis – Washington County Contract

According to a copy of Davis’ employment contract with Washington County Schools, the contract length ran from September 17, 2012 – June 30, 2016.

Davis’ salary totaled $128,036. The state portion was $109,548 and the local supplement was $18,488.

Joseph Davis, while superintendent of Washington County Schools, was responsible for around 1,170 students. When divided by compensation, Joseph Davis was paid just under $75 per student.

Perks in Davis’ contract included:

• Board can give Davis an annual bonus up to $6,000
• Board will provide Davis with a vehicle
• Board will provide Davis with a laptop, iPhone and iPad
• Board will give Davis 10 extra vacation days per year
• Board will pay Davis $500 per year to help pay his life insurance premium
• Board will pay for Davis’ temporary housing for up to 30 days
• Board will pay moving expenses
• Board will pay full premium costs for medical, dental and vision insurance for Davis and his family
• Board will provide Davis with facilities, equipment, supplies and clerical assistance
• Board will pay for professional meetings and memberships
• Board will pay for one medical exam per year

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