Known International Terrorist ‘Testifies’ in Raleigh

Journalism at NC News Stations Officially Dead


On Thursday, a small crowd of people gathered around a TV in downtown Raleigh to hold a discussion about human rights abuses – as described by a known international terrorist.

The North Carolina Commission on Inquiry on Torture (NCCIT) gave top billing to an admitted Islamic Terrorist Mohamedou Salahi, a senior member of al Qaeda, and a key leader in the Osama Bin Laden terror network. At that exact same moment, journalism died in North Carolina.

When WRAL TV’s news’ Cullen Browder reported about the event, he referred to Salahi and others as simply as “suspects.” Other news outlets like the McClatchy just only published the press release or the OP-ED article written by NCCIT with out checking on the claims in that article or providing any background on the commission’s agenda or participants.

For context, this is the equivalent of a German Nazi Commander being called an opposition leader and then being given a public forum to decry human rights in America.

The Terrorist

Mohamedou Ould Salahi (GITMO File Image)

Mohamedou Ould Salahi is an admitted Islamic terrorist. By his own words he pledged support (bayat) to the Mujahidin in Afghanistan and to Usama Bin Laden in 1990 and committed to wage a Jihad against the western world in a global battle against non-Islamic people.

Mohamedou Salahi was GITMO prisoner 760, classified as a high risk threat to American security and of high intelligence value.

Salahi is likely responsible for the deaths of hundreds, if not tens of thousands of people, most of them civilians. But, you would never know that from any of the news coverage or the press releases from the progressive professors, lawyers and activists from the NCCIT.

In their zeal to push a progressive agenda, NCCIT has legitimized a known terrorist and given him a platform to attack America once again.

According to Top Secret documents leaked from the GITMO military detention facility, Salahi was not a low-level or run-of-the-mill terrorist. In 1991 He attended training in al Qaeda’s most notorious terror camp, al-Faruq. Salahi was later dispatched to fight in the first Islamic battles of Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1991-1992. It was there that he solidified his reputation and proved his worth to the Jihadists of radical Islam.

For Bin Laden and his loyalists Salahi was a gold mine; a well-educated electrical engineer who could speak several languages including Arabic, German, French and English. He became a trusted confidant and a vital leader within the terrorist network. For the next several years he focused on recruiting members to the terrorist network as he worked for al-Qaeda leaders hacking computer networks, participating in massive global credit card theft, identity theft, and other criminal money laundering schemes across the globe.

A Killing Machine

In 1999, While living in Canada, Salahi recruited and radicalized Ahmed Ressam. Ressam is now famously known as the ‘Millennium Bomber’ for his attempt to detonate a car bomb in Seattle during a New Years eve celebration.

Mohammed Atta 911 Hijacker Terrorist
Mohammed Atta
(9/11 Terrorist)

Salahi was the person responsible for recruiting at least three members of the infamous September 11, 2001 (9/11) attacks on the World Trade Center and United Airlines flight 93, America’s most deadly attack. Among the members that Salahi is reported to have recruited is Mohammed Atta, a critical leader of the attacks on New York City and elsewhere.

Salahi is also responsible for planning and recruiting for the April 11, 2002 homicide bombing attack on the Djerba Synagogue in Tunisia which killed 20 civilians and wounded 30 others.

Terrorist Captured

In his video testimony to the Commission, Salahi described his capture as a “kidnapping.”

He was captured and detained by local authorities in his home country of Mauritania, Africa, a former French colony. Mauritania is a cooperating nation that participates with international counter-terrorism organizations. It is a fertile recruiting area for Jihadists, including the present day Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The ‘Anti-Interrogation’ Panel

The North Carolina Commission on Inquiry on Torture (NCCIT) is a non-profit organization funded in large part by private foundations and closely aligned with the ACLU and the Human Rights Council. The organization’s list of donors is not publicly disclosed, so it would be unjust to define them as a front group for other purposes, but their list of endorsements is a who’s-who of the most progressive advocates in North Carolina.

NCCIT is led in part by advisory board member Deborah Weissman, who is by all accounts not a shrinking violet. As UNC Law Professor and an Ivey Fellow, she has built her career around being a tenacious Jewish Women’s activist, a feminist and an immigration law expert. Weissman has wrapped her hands full-throttle around the most controversial subjects of law in our society.

Weissman is a critical leader within the NCCIT Commission. So, it begs the question as to why a Jewish activist would give legitimacy to a man who is the equivalent to a top leader in the Nazi Party? Salahi is a man who planned and committed an attack against a Jewish Synagogue, yet he is the person that Weissman and other progressive activists want to use as their martyr for human rights. This notion is both confounding and illogical.

One can only imagine the outrage of what would have happened if in 1947, a post World War II America, gave Joseph Goebbles a platform to espouse his virtue and protest his treatment at the hands of his military captors. Or, if Friedrich Jeckeln was celebrated by Russian Jews as a man who was unjustly treated in Russian prison camps.

The Anti-Interrogation Panel’s good intentions fall short of finding evidence that these people deserve no more, or no less than the enemy combatants of WWII. The prisoners at GITMO are admittedly killers of thousands of civilians. They are directly responsible for the deaths of an untold number of people across the globe and in America.

Many combatant detainees are the most radical members of Islam and have sworn to continue their struggle as long as they are alive. Of the 693 prisoners released from GITMO, 210 or roughly a third of them have been suspected or are known to have return to their global war of Islamic terror.

Simply stated, these combatant prisoners do not care about human rights. They do not care about the Interrogation Commission or the effect it has on US Policy except that it plays into the talking points of terrorists. Neither humanity as a whole, nor this nation is any safer because of NCCIT commission, despite all its rage against the US Government and its leadership.

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