Fake News Alert: This... is CNN. ⋆ American Lens

Fake News Alert: This… is CNN.

Fake News Alert: This… is CNN.

CNN Politics tweeted out yesterday evening that only the Democrat team was kneeling for prayer – despite both Republican and Democrat teams being there.

061517 CNN Democrats kneel before congressional game - fake news

The tweet was up nearly 24 hours before deleting it.

Speaking of CNN and deleted tweets,  one of their big name reporters was caught tweeting and then deleting fake news the day prior.

Their Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta cited a “WH Official” in this deleted now deleted tweet:

Jim Acosta CNN - Trump Did not Visit Scalise - Fake News

Acosta deleted the tweet and later admitted a ‘pool report’ was the source and not a “WH Official.”  So the next time someone cites a ‘White House official’, think twice.

There was a bit of doubling and tripling down in an attempt to salvage his credibility, which continued on past midnight.

In chronological order, here are those tweets:


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