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Ford To Cooper: Stop Moving The HB2 Goalposts

Senator Joel Ford submitted another House Bill 2 (HB2) repeal bill this week. This is the 10th such bill since HB2 passed last year.

Ford issued a statement yesterday basically asking Governor Cooper to stop moving the HB2 goalposts by letting LGBT activists have their way with him:

Governor Cooper, who called Senate Democrats and pressured them to vote No to repeal last December because of moratorium language, yesterday told WRAL that he was now fine with a moratorium:

“I would support a House Bill 2 repeal with a moratorium with a definite end date,” Cooper told WRAL News during a stop in Wayne County. “I think it’s important that we try to negotiate something.”


Cooper said he supports some of the ideas but not others.

“I think it’s clear that we’ve got to compromise,” he said. “My principles have been that any compromise that gets us toward eliminating discrimination while bringing back the jobs, the sports and the events, then I’m going to be for it, and I think that a repeal with some type of short, definite moratorium would be something that I could support.”


Cooper has been repeating the words, “clean repeal” every time he speaks about HB2. Just last month, he was vehemently opposed to any type of cooling off period or language allowing citizens a modicum of control over proposed Charlotte style ordinances.

He personally has killed two attempts at repeal in the last six months, made it his campaign centerpiece and has been fundraising off of HB2 every chance he gets — including right after he made is own proposal to remove HB2.

Meanwhile, Rep. Darren Jackson is operating under the assumption his HB2 repeal bill (which he tried to sneak in attached to a different bill) still has a chance.

But it doesn’t. Republicans in the House made sure by adding a poison pill.

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