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Former NC Supt. Atkinson Just Can’t Stop Defending Common Core

North Carolina elected a new Superintendent yet the former one still hasn’t gotten that message.

Former NC Supt. June Atkinson took umbrage with my Op-Ed last week and engaged me on Twitter.  It seems she just can’t stop defending Common Core, and in the process decided to sling mud at Dr. Sandra Stotsky.

Here is what happened, in Tweets:

I responded:


Dr. Stotsky fired back:

Atkinson doubled-down and Stotsky fired back again:

Atkinson then turned to me and tried to ‘gotcha’ me:

That didn’t work out too well for her:

Atkinson doubled down, again:

And again, it didn’t work our for her:

At the end of the conversation, Dr. Atkinson still hadn’t apologized to Dr. Stotsky for outright lying about Stotsky just wanting to ‘sell her standards’.  

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