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Legislator Turned Lobbyist, Charles Jeter, Flips on Vouchers

Former NC Rep. Charles Jeter penned an op-ed in the Charlotte Observer last week. In it, he flips on his position on vouchers. He is now opposed to low-income students and parents being given a choice in education.

What’s worse, is he cites his change of heart based on a Fordham Institute report. And it’s not a report on North Carolina’s thriving Opportunity Scholarship program, it’s a study on Ohio’s “EdChoice’ scholarship program which utilizes some data which is over ten years and the report itself is over 9 months old; published in July 2016.

This is the same Fordham Institute that traveled around the country promoting their ‘standards report’ in order to secure the failed Common Core as the only alternative.

Jeter touts Fordham as being very ‘pro-voucher’, but as the Common Core showed us whoever pays Fordham the most gets their agenda pushed.

Here’s some more reading material on Fordham for Mr. Jeter.

In case those articles are unclear, Fordham has become a collection of well-paid shills. Just as they were paid to promote Common Core with their state grading report, so is the case here. At the end of the report they state:

This report was funded under contract with the Thomas B. Fordham Institute.

In other words, they were paid to do this study.

From the text at the end of the report, it is clear who put their money into it:

This report was made possible through the generous support of the Walton Family Foundation and our sister organization, the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation.

In 2014, the Walton Family Foundation gave Fordham $742,050.  The year prior, Walton gave Fordham $847,950. In 2012 and 2011, it was $650,000 each year. In 2010 $557,780. From 2010 to 2014, Fordham received $3,447,780 million from the Walton family.  All of these grants fell under the, “K-12 Shape Education Policy” grant section.

Back to the op-ed, because the insults are just warming up.

“Look, I truly believe that everyone wants to make sure that our students have an exceptional educational system and positive educational outcomes.”

No, sir, you don’t. You only believe this because that’s what your district wants and you found a questionable study to hide behind.

“All of these studies show that vouchers have, in fact, created worse educational outcomes.”

What Jeter really is saying here is, ‘sorry parents, you can’t be trusted to make the choices you want for your child because a study said so and the district knows better than you do’.

Jeter left the North Carolina General Assembly last year to become a lobbyist for the Charlotte Mecklenburg school system (CMS). His official title is “government relations coordinator.” This role shift and his flipping on vouchers might be coincidence, but I find that unlikely.

Many parents who are in low-income bracket and take advantage of the Opportunity Scholarship Program reside in the CMS district. In fact, Mecklenburg county was the third largest recipient of these vouchers in the state and the second largest for new applicants for 2016-17. That’s likely not a coincidence in Jeter’s position reversal either.

Mr. Jeter should face the parents and students who want, need and depend on this program instead of stabbing them in the back with a bought and paid for study about another state.

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