“We just don’t want the Human Rights Campaign coming against us.” ⋆ American Lens

“We just don’t want the Human Rights Campaign coming against us.”

 “We just don’t want the Human Rights Campaign coming against us.”

Human Rights Campaign LogoThat statement sums up why corporations attacked NC over House Bill 2 (HB2).

Lt. Governor Dan Forest sat down with Ginni Thomas of the Daily Caller and talked about the corporate activism and the economic blackmail that ensued over NC’s HB2.

Go watch the interview. Forest also talks about the current attempt to protect free speech on college campuses in North Carolina.

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HB2 Still Distorted by Media

The media, nationally and locally, immediately adopted the Human Right’s Campaign labeling of NC’s HB2 as, “anti-LGBT.”  Media still uses it to this day.

Those who supported HB2 have maintained it was never about LGBT persons, because it never was.

The law was always about protecting the safety and privacy of women and children in bathrooms, showers and locker rooms.

HB2 was about stopping the illegal and unconstitutional Charlotte Ordinance.

Media continues to leave out the fact the Charlotte Ordinance barred single sex facilities of any kind, public or private, within the Charlotte city limits.  That’s a big fact to leave out.

HB2 was a massive fundraising vehicle for NC Democrats, including Roy Cooper who used it as the crux of his campaign.

It was also a financial windfall for LGBT activists with Equality NC led by Executive Director and former Legislators, Chris Sgro.

Sgro fundraised for Equality NC alongside the Human Rights Campaign against HB2 while he held office at the General Assembly.

An ethics complaint was filed against Sgro on the matter.

But that didn’t stop Sgro from engaging in political theater to advance his group’s cause.

Theater like trotting out dozens of empty boxes, but pretending they were full of HB2 repeal petitions. Local media, of course, did not ask to see inside them.

For what it’s worth, Sgro’s legislative activism seems to have paid off.

He has been hired by the Human Rights Campaign as their Director of Communications . He will vacate his role with Equality NC at the end of this month.

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