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Patsy Keever Makes Sure That Her Will Is Done

Patsy Keever will have her way apparently. Chris Hardee was elected Chair of 3rd congressional district yet again.

Myself and two others filed with the Council of Review over two years ago to remove Chris Hardee as Chair of the 3rd District because he didn’t live there.  He actually lives in Wilson, NC, with his wife and family.

The Council of Review agreed with our assessment and documentation. So how is it Hardee is back in place?

Patsy Keever made sure her will was done; through manipulation of the Executive Council, she had the prior Council of Review ruling overturned.

Mr. Hardee is once again Chair of a district he doesn’t live in.

John C. Brooks, J.D. is a former Council of Review. He was kicked off the Council of Review for having the audacity to allow testimony on Hardee’s license as proof he didn’t live in the district the first time around.

“Chris Hardee is not chair of the 3rd Congressional District.” Brooks stated. “He was barred for life due to proven sworn perjury before the Council of Review.

Brooks went on to say that the decision of the Council of Review was “not validly overturned.”

“The Alleged State Executive Committee meeting was “not validly constituted” Brooks said. He added that ineligible people attended the meeting, they voted and that these actions nullified all the actions taken on the occasion.

Brooks said that, “The various meetings of District officers are not authorized to fill offices today under the POO section 9.03 Any elections today are void ab initio.”

“Council is NOT a trier of “fact” which “fact was properly determined by the Council of Review. No evidence to the contrary was considered by the Executive Council. The Council, at best can ONLY consider issues of “law”.” said Brooks.

If it, or they, have reason to question the Council of Review’s finding of fact, the Executive Council must REMAND the question to the Council of Review for a new HEARING.” Brooks said. “The Executive Council did not remand to the Council of Review any question of “fact”.”

Brooks continued, “Indeed, it did NOT hold a hearing itself, Therefore whatever other conclusion the Executive Council may have reached (see the minutes of its meeting), it did NOT find that Chris Hardee was eligible to be elected to an office in the 3rd Congressional District. Therefore, Chris Hardee continues to be ineligible to hold any office in the Third Congressional District.”

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NC Dem Party Chair Under Fire, NC Media Blows It Off

A petition to remove NC Democrat Party Chair, Patsy Keever, has been filed. This filing and release apparently went out on or around May 21st.

It was filed on behalf of the African-American Caucus Forsyth County Democratic Party (AAC-FCDP), Valeria Conyers , the 2nd Vice President AAC-NCDP and Perry Graves, Member African-American Caucus Rockingham County Democratic Party AAC-NCDP.

Also, there are a slew of witnesses.

The petition states that, “There are approximately 125-250 plus petitioners and witnesses from roughly 25 to 46 NC Counties, depending on the particular allegation stated in the Petition, and the attached signatures as filed herein and as follows or thereafter before the hearing.”

The filing calls the elections in the 3rd Congressional district ‘null and void’ due to alleged improper activities by Keever as Chair.

Language like ‘manipulation’, ‘fraud’, ‘gerrymandering’, ‘disenfranchisement’ and divisiveness’ are found throughout the document.


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