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TN Governor Signs Campus Free Speech Bill

Tennessee’s Governor signed the Campus Free Speech Protection Act into law last week.

Excerpt from F.I.R.E.’s blog post:

In addition to our support in principle for carefully crafted legislative efforts to protect academic freedom, FIRE also believes that the specific language in the Tennessee Campus Free Speech Protection Act is helpful. The bill does not authorize the restriction of any faculty speech. Rather, it provides statutory protection for any classroom speech that is “reasonably germane to the subject matter of the class as broadly construed” and also provides a statutory safe harbor for classroom speech that falls outside that standard so long as it does not comprise “a substantial portion of classroom instruction.” In other words, brief forays into subjects beyond a class’s broad parameters are statutorily protected.

F.I.R.E. has the full scoop with all the pro’s and con’s on the signing of the Tennessee law.

University - College - Free Speech ZoneThe law is very similar to that of North Carolina’s House Bill 527/Senate Bill 507 that American Lens has been following.

Catch up on North Carolina’s Restore/Preserve Campus Free Speech (HB527/SB507):

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