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WCPSS Adopts ‘Challenge’ Policy for Books

Wake County Schools has adopted a new policy for challenging books and materials at their January 24th meeting.

The policy states that, “Books and other instructional materials may be removed from the school media collection only for legitimate educational reasons and subject to the limitations of the First Amendment.”

The policy does not state what the district considers to be ‘legitimate educational reasons’.

There’s more – parents now will have their complaints heard by a ‘committee’ and if the decision is to deny the objection, the material still might be removed however it depends on the “burden” placed on the school or the teacher. In other words, the removal probably won’t happen.

Here’s the section on “Parental Objection to Materials”:

Parents may submit an objection in writing to the principal regarding the use of particular instructional materials. The principal will establish a committee to review the objection.

If the committee determines that any material violates constitutional or other legal rights of the parent or student, the principal or the committee shall either remove the material from instructional use or accommodate the particular student and parent. Before any material is removed, the principal or the committee shall ensure that the curriculum is still aligned with current statewide instructional standards and articulated from grade to grade. If an objection made by a parent or student is not based upon constitutional or legal rights, the principal or the committee may accommodate the objection after considering the effect on the curriculum; any burden on the school, teacher, or other students that the accommodation would create; and any other relevant factors.

Books and other instructional materials may be removed from the school media collection only for legitimate educational reasons and subject to the limitations of the First Amendment.

The decision of the committee may be appealed to the superintendent or designee. The decision of the superintendent may be appealed to the Board.

Arguably, this is to deter parents from sticking their nose in their kids actual education and objecting to some of the crap that’s being infused into it, such as like the time various Wake County 4th graders were reading about how police are pigs and Black Panthers are freedom fighters.

Under this new policy, these types of books would not be considered for removal. We’ll see how this new policy plays out.

Meanwhile, Wake County Schools is asking for parental input on curriculum:

“Beginning with the 2017-18 school year and over the next three years, we will be significantly bolstering the curriculum resources we provide in our schools. But first, we seek parental and community input on the resources and materials we are considering.

In these sessions, you will be asked to review some very high quality curriculum resources to be introduced in our schools beginning next year. Teachers and other school professionals will be on hand to guide you through the process.”

That’s really rich as this school board and district have ignored parents continued complaints about Common Core and the ridiculous “blackline master” materials they created to accompany the standards.

High School Math Community Input Sessions on Curriculum:

Monday, Feb. 20 – Rolesville High, 1099 E. Young St, Rolesville
Tuesday, Feb. 21 – Sanderson HS, 5500 Dixon Drive, Raleigh
Wed., Feb. 22 – Southeast Raleigh HS, 2600 Rock Quarry Rd, Raleigh
Thursday, Feb. 23 – Enloe HS, 128 Clarendon Crescent, Raleigh

Grades 3-5 and 6-8 ELA Community Input Sessions on Curriculum:

Monday, Feb. 27 – Heritage HS, 1150 Forestville Rd, Wake Forest
Tuesday, Feb. 28 – Leesville HS, 8410 Pride Way, Raleigh
Wed., March 1 – Fuquay-Varina HS, 201 Bengal Blvd, Fuquay-Varina
Thurs., March 2 – Cary HS, 638 Walnut St, Cary

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