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Leaked DNC Memo on Trump: Did he not see Rocky IV?

A set of Democratic National Committee (DNC) talking points that include the targeting of various Trump cabinet nominees and executive actions of the Trump administration has been obtained by American Lens.

The memo talks about strategy for attacking cabinet nominees and notes specifically the Senator Chuck Schumer is, “in charge on the nominees messaging.”

The memo goes on to outline specifics for attacking Betsy DeVos and says, “it is hard to imagine a worse person for this job.” A “topline message” was emphasized:

“All of these nominees exemplify the broken promises that Trump made to
the American people on the campaign trail. These cabinet secretaries will be charged with carrying out and enforcing the laws written by Congress, and we need to make certain they are qualified, capable and without conflict to lead the departments for which they have been nominated.”

Further in, the memo talks about the “Muslim ban” and states that ‘making us all unsafe’ is the main reason the travel restrictions are bad.  The memo says that, “key security experts have been vocal about how the ban makes us less safe by acting
as a propaganda tool for terrorist recruiters.”

The DNC memo makes mention of religious discrimination calling it a “Muslim ban” repeatedly despite the fact the Executive Order does not mention religion at all.
In fact, one talking point states outright,  “This is an anti-Muslim ban. It is about religion. Period.”

The memo states that there is “no comparison” with the prior administration’s  implementation of travel restrictions using the exact same list of countries as the Trump administration.

The DNC memo also mentions the possibly illegality of portions of the Executive Order with regard to the order being too broad and seemingly acting retroactively.

The DNC talking points memo doesn’t leave out Russia either, calling Putin a, “murderous dictator” and Trump a, “puppet of the Kremlin.”

Trump never misses a chance to defend murderous dictator Vladimir Putin.
There are 2 possible reasons for that (and it’s hard to say which is more disturbing).

  • Either (1), our President actually thinks it would be fine to run America the way Putin runs Russia
  • Or (2) Putin really does have something on Trump, and our President really is a puppet of the Kremlin.

The Democrats feel that Trump ‘cannot tell “good guys” from “bad guys” and to back up the claim asks if Trump slept through the Cold War and follows up with the cutting, serious question, “Did he not see Rocky IV?”

There is mention of Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi being correct in saying something along the lines of ‘It is long past time for Trump to come clean about his connections to Russia’.

Read the “talking points” memo:

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