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Lt. Gov Forest Talks About Bright Futures Act [Video]

North Carolina’s Lt. Governor Dan Forest talked about the Bright Futures Act in a press conference on February 9, 2017.

This act, in part, deals with bringing high-speed broadband to rural areas and attempting ensure high-speed internet access for every classroom of the state’s schools.

The Bright Futures Act refers to Senate Bill 65. The ‘Bright’ part of the bill title is an acronym, which the text of the bill describes in more detail:

“Whereas, it is the intent of the General Assembly to rapidly develop the digital infrastructure necessary for economic development and innovation in key market segments, including Broadband, Retail online services, Internet of things, GridPower, Health care, and Training and education, known collectively by the acronym “BRIGHT” markets, and to use all means necessary to promote and encourage the development of this infrastructure so that each person in North Carolina has the ability to connect to opportunities presented by the growth in these BRIGHT market segments;”

Watch the Lt. Governor speak about the Bright Futures Act:

The video included a statement, which reads:

“Our state will already be the first in the nation to have every classroom connected to high-speed broadband. The BRIGHT Futures Act builds on the hard work and forward thinking that the General Assembly has dedicated to connecting our schools to now finish the last mile that has separated our rural communities from our urban corridors. North Carolina is blessed with some of the greatest infrastructure for innovation and economic development, from Research Triangle Park to a statewide fiber network, to our universities, healthcare facilities, and private sector engines of innovation, but we can no longer allow vast portions of our state to fall behind because that infrastructure does not reach them. This Bill sets a vision and a roadmap that can organize the great forces of innovation in a way to connect everyone in the state.”

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