Lunchtime Links: Moore, Russia, NFL and Biden

Moore, Menendez and the Media

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Today’s lunchtime links include a battle between Washington Post and Breitbart over the Roy Moore underage dating story.

Mother of Roy Moore Accuser: Washington Post Reporters Convinced My Daughter to Go Public (Breitbart)


Wells was asked about Corfman’s motivations for going public. “It wasn’t done for politics, you know,” Wells replied. “It was done for personal reasons. And it wouldn’t have been done if the reporters hadn’t contacted my daughter.”

Asked about the timing of The Post interview and why 38 years after the alleged incident her daughter decided to speak out weeks before the election, Wells replied: “She was contacted by the reporter. That’s why.”

Both Politico and Axios this morning spent *a lot* of their morning blasts slamming Breitbart report on WaPo’s activism in Moore accuser case. None of them are asking the important question: How did WaPo know to call Corfman in the first place?

Meanwhile, Perez, Senate Democrats Won’t Say Whether Menendez Should Leave Senate if Convicted in Corruption Case.

More unnamed ‘sources’ fueling stories on Russia.

Investigators probe Trump knowledge of campaign’s Russia dealings: sources 

Trump adviser claims he lied to FBI out of loyalty to Trump: Source

Key quote via ABC’s reported “source”:
“George Papadopoulos, the Trump foreign policy aide who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, initially misled agents out of what he claimed was loyalty to President Donald Trump, according to a person with direct knowledge of the investigation.”

Byron York: Did dossier trigger the Trump-Russia probe? 

WaPo Goes After Drudge – because Russians.

More Lunchtime Links

What Media Bias?

The “Women of the Year” supports child marriage, female genital mutilation and stoning gays and Lesbians to death.

NY Times photographer who protested White House restrictions on access gets revenge with revealing shot of Trump

Dispatches from the Sexual Harassment Avalanche.

DC Comics Suspends Editor Following Report On Sexual Harassment Allegations

Empty seats at NFL games.

Plus: Only Three NFL players kneel for anthem on Veteran’s Day weekend

Biden on running in 2020.

Biden out the windowBiden on 2020: ‘not sure it’s the appropriate thing’ to do 

Key quote: “We gotta turn this ship around,” Biden said of the country. “And I’d much prefer to be helping someone turn it around than being the guy trying to turn it around.”

Biden will be close to 80 years old in 2020.

Trump Tweets.

And here’s SNL attempting to mock the Democrats. The part about the statues is funny, but it’s less funny as the skit is reality, not parody.


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