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Many of us across the country likely avoided the news over the Thanksgiving Holiday, so we’ve included some Thanksgiving Leftovers in today’s edition of Lunchtime Links.

Before we get started with the Thanksgiving Leftovers, watch the President’s Thanksgiving message and see how the Trump’s spent their Thanksgiving:

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Thanksgiving Leftovers

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Accusation Avalanche

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Accusation Avalanche


Her latest unpopularity, by contrast, comes exclusively from the left and is much tougher on Sarandon. “I’m not attacked from the right at all,” she will tell me. Instead, she is accused of not checking her white privilege, of throwing away her vote on a third-party candidate (the independent Jill Stein) during the US presidential election, and of recklessly espousing a political cause that let Trump in through the backdoor. Liberals in the US, it seems, can summon more hatred for Sarandon right now than they can for Paul Ryan.

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In May in Cooper v. Harris, a North Carolina redistricting case, dissenting Justice Samuel Alito warned the court against transforming the federal courts “into weapons of political warfare” that “invite the losers in the redistricting process to seek to obtain in court what they could not achieve in the political arena.”

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