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March4Trump Attendees Agree: The President Is Doing What He Promised

March4Trump - Raleigh- North Carolina - 2017
Two March4Trump Attendees wave their signs – Image by American Lens

Last weekend the March4Trump was held in Raleigh, North Carolina on the Halifax mall behind the state legislature. Around 300 people showed up to the event, not including a band of about 20 protesters.

When we asked attendees if they thought the President was doing a good job, most attendees preferred only to give their first names.

Many were leery of answering media inquiries and didn’t want to be interviewed.

One such attendee apologized for not wanting to be interviewed, adding, “Sorry, I just don’t trust any media.”

Melissa Treaster came out to show her support for the President and brought her three daughters with her  – Lauren, Christina and Amanda.

March4Trump - Raleigh - North Carolina - 2017
Right to Left: Melissa Treaster and her daughters, Lauren, Christina and Amanda – Image by American Lens

She and her daughters are affectionately known in their precinct as the ‘Trumpettes’.

Jim, who said he was from Raleigh, remarked that, “He’d doing what he said he would do and I think that is what we wanted. He’s fighting back against the media lies. He doesn’t just sit there and take it like republicans used to do.”

March4Trump - raleigh- North Carolina - 2017
Some attendees rode motorcycles up from as far away as Georgia – Image by American Lens

While most attendees were from North Carolina, we spoke with two other March4Trump rally goers, Denise and Carol that came a long distance to attend – Georgia.

We asked them why they came such a long way for this event.

“Trump! He’s doing everything that I wanted him to do – for a president to do.
I like he is doing what he says – immigration, building the wall, Obamacare… I think he’s going to fix it all,” said Denise.

We asked her what she thought the President should do going forward and she replied, “We’ll he’s got a good start with bringing the businesses back. That, he needs to stick with because we need to put America back to work.”

We posed the same questions to her companion, Carol, who had been part of a group of about 8 who drive their motorcycles up from Georgia.

“Well, just to support Donald Trump. I believe in what he is doing and his policies are bringing jobs back. Basically, making this government sustainable,” Carol said.

“We have to be able to support ourselves. You know, we can’t borrow money forever,” said Carol. “Eventually you hit a ceiling. Trump being a businessman I think is the most important thing about him and his policies.”

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