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March4Trump Rally Goer Sick of Media Bias, Recalls Racial Slurs from Liberals

While media outlets who attended the March4Trump event that took place over the weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina were spending time trying to interview anarchist protesters, American Lens worked the rally crowd.

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The following is one of our interviews. Readers should note this is very candid interview using very frank language that may disturb some people.

We talked with man from Raleigh named Jamal who had brought his two young daughters along with him to the March4Trump – one of which is still an infant.

It was clear from talking with Jamal that he was fed up with the media double standards and with “spineless” republicans – namely the likes of Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

Jamal also says he’s sick of “identity politics” and says that since he’s been a conservative, he’s had racial insults hurled at him by liberals and democrats. He strongly singles out the NC NAACP’s Reverend Barber for holding ‘trash protests’.

March4Trump Rally Goer Jamal’ and his daughter – Image by American Lens


American Lens: How come you came out here to the March4Trump today?

Jamal: I came to support Donald Trump because I’m sick and tired of what’s been going on. What’s been going on in the press. Everybody knows the News and Observer lies. They’ve been telling lies for years and nobody catches them in it.

They put that big, fat, lying jheri-curl wearing Barber out there who has these Moral Monday trash protests – nobody says anything.

This man (Barber) has been arrested for assaulting a stewardess on a plane – nobody said anything.

But when you let a Donald Trump supporter or anyone who is a Republican do anything, you better hurry on up out there and criticize them over and over and over again.

But when a Democrat does something, nobody says anything.

American Lens: Do you think the President is getting the kind of support he needs from his party?

Jamal: I am here because President Trump needs us because we have a lot of weak, spineless republicans.

John McCain, Lindsey Graham – got to go. They are the weakest, spineless republicans and republicans like that are going to hurt President Trump because it is easy to run over and kiss the butt of every democrat they can find and they won’t sit down and fight.

That’s why every time, you notice, when NBC, CNN need a spineless republican, who are the first ones they go run and get? John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

And of course, Lindsey Graham is mad because he couldn’t even get 2% of the vote in his home state. Donald Trump destroyed him in his home state.

John McCain was so much of a spineless idiot, when he ran against Obama, he was so busy trying to not look racist – ‘I don’t wanna look racist, I can’t say this…’ – instead of taking it to Obama and challenging him. He lost.

So now, they’re (McCain/Graham) mad because Donald Trump did something they could not do: Stand up, grab that spine and fight.

This is why Obama won.

People keep saying all the time, ‘Hillary got the popular vote’.

Hillary got California and New York. If you take Texas and Florida away Trump and California and New York away from Hillary? She gets destroyed. She loses the popular vote. So what liberals did is they came in, they doubled down – California and New York. But in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania – she got blown out.

American Lens: It sounds like you’re pretty irritated with the Democrats?

Jamal: People are sick and tired of “identity politics.” Like – ‘If you disagree with me, you’re racist’. Unless you’re a black conservative like me, then it’s OK. for them (liberals/democrats) to be calling me a ‘house nigger’.

Since I have been a conservative, I have never been assaulted racially by any conservative. But I have been by liberals. Liberals have sat there online and called me a ‘house nigger’ and everything else you can in the book. Because they do that. And they hide behind they were ‘upset’. Hold them accountable to the same accountability as you hold anyone else.

This is why I am out here for Donald Trump. I am sick of democrats. I don’t play well with them and I let it be known.

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