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North Carolina GOP Serves Cease and Desist Letters to Own Member

The North Carolina GOP, Haywood Party is attempting to shut down a member of their party, JeremNCGOPy Davis of Haywood, NC.

After extensive volunteer work, recruiting new members, loyal party support and the successful fundraising efforts for the State Party,  Jeremy is being threatened by legal action by the NCGOP  ultimately for starting his own Republican Organizing body, the Haywood Republican Alliance.

Jeremy Davis says, to this date,  he has received 7 Cease and Desist Letters (not signed by judges) and 2 writs of trespassing.

The latest scandals are discussed in this article at Daily HayMaker.  Mr. Davis states that none of the letters he has received from the NCGOP lawyers are legally binding.

The NCGOP did issue the following Statement online:

The Second page, referred to above,  was later posted on the same website and was a furtherance of being told that if Mr. Davis showed up at the Convention, he would be removed.

When reached for comment by American Lens, Mr. Davis said that he has not been to an NCGOP function since Feb. 22, 2017, when he was removed from his GOP position, has not been to an NCGOP site that did not have his name on the lease.  Further that he never had any intention of attending the Party State Convention in Wilmington.

Jeremy does not understand the purpose for the latest lawsuit threats. He did say that he is concerned it is just for the purpose of laying the groundwork for a Class A Felony Trespass lawsuit against him and his group.

The Haywood mess seems to have started over control of  Database of voter data, taken at Campaign events for the 2017 Presidential election cycle.

Jeremy says he spent extensive time rebuilding this database after the previous database had been destroyed by then local party chair.

Since that time, the local NCGOP party power structure has been at odds with Mr. Davis over numerous issues and the discourse has all been well documents and chronicled.

Further, Jeremy is concerned about further litigation for good reason.  He is not the first party member the Haywood NCGOP has taken to court.

The Haywood, NCGOP did sue Monroe Miller on threats of Cyberstalking.  That case was thrown out of court.

Monkey Business Update: Fear and Loathing in Haywood County

“I have received great support from around the state, and from within my district”,  Jeremy says, however, “in the end it may not be from any of the places that matter.  I am drowning over here”,  he says.

The NCGOP’s attempt to destroy Mr. Davis plan of organizing Republican voters for local candidates and causes is taking its toll.

“Lawyers” cost a lot of money. The Haywood Republican NCGOP has already authorized party funds for lawsuits. The NCGOP has access to a lot of money and a lot of power to attract donors.”

Yet, Mr. Davis says he is committed to the cause of getting representation for the forgotten Republicans that he feels are not represented by the leadership within the NCGOP.

It seems a big fight is looming yet again for the NCGOP, who has been rocked by scandal after scandal over the past years. There remains a loyal and vocal group of Party volunteers who are brooding over what they feel are slights against their volunteer work and efforts.

Jeremy Davis and his supporters, many of them active GOP party members,  have started a group called Haywood Republican Alliance to act as an organizing body.

They have their meetings 2nd Tuesday of every month in Haywood County.  The Haywood GOP has attempted to break that group up by the lawsuit, all of which Jeremy say are not legally binding.

The NCGOP was contacted for a statement or a quote numerous times over numerous days.  No calls were returned.

Haywood Republican Alliance does endorse, Mr. Jim Womack who is running for NCGO Party Chair, and some of the party members, who most feel slighted by the current Leadership,  have speculated that is the purpose for the Letters.

The Party election between Mr. Jim Womack and Mr. Robin Hayes, current Party Chair  will take place at the party’s Convention in Wilmington NC June 2- 4, 2017.

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