Latest PolitiFactNC HB2 Spin Triggers Dumpster Fire Alert ⋆ American Lens

Latest PolitiFactNC HB2 Spin Triggers Dumpster Fire Alert

The latest PolitifactNC ‘fact check‘ takes aim at the Lt. Governor’s statements regarding Governor Cooper’s ‘HB2 compromise’ proposal.

Actually, this latest article is, again, less fact check and more of an assertion of their own opinions.

McCrory is no longer a moving target, next up? The Lt. Governor. Why do we know this? PolitifactNC’s own tacit acknowledgement that Lt. Governor Forest is likely running for Governor in 2020.

At any rate, in this particular article PolitiFactNC has a serious omission problem.

PolitiFactNC bases their ‘fact check’ on one part of a larger statement:

“If Governor Cooper’s proposed bill for repealing HB2 becomes law, it will create a state-sanctioned ‘Look But Don’t Touch’ policy in our bathrooms.”

Looking at Lt. Governor’s full statement, the point behind the claim PolitiFactNC is rating becomes quite clear.

“If Governor Cooper’s proposed bill for repealing HB2 becomes law, it will create a state-sanctioned ‘Look But Don’t Touch’ policy in our bathrooms. Heterosexual men will be able to access women’s showers and bathrooms by simply posing as a transgender individual. They will be able to watch women and children shower, or shower next to them. As long as the man doesn’t touch them, assault them or film them, no legal protection would be afforded the offended woman or child. Nothing. As a husband and father of four, the concept of ‘Look But Don’t Touch’ as a meaningful response to HB2 is a sad commentary on how far the progressive movement and the elected officials beholden to it, will risk the safety of our people to achieve a radical social policy agenda.”

PolitiFactNC says this is, “That’s a shocking claim. We found it’s also not based in reality.”

Actually, no, it’s not shocking. It’s an accurate assessment, especially if one sticks to what Cooper actually said in his press conference and then considering Forest’s full statement.

PolitiFactNC redefines the entire ‘fact check’, by making the decision for all of us what is and what isn’t implied in the Governor’s statement:

“His statement implies Cooper proposed letting transgender people use the bathroom of the gender with which they identify. That’s not true. In reality, Cooper suggested a return to the status quo that North Carolina used for centuries, in which there were no laws about bathroom access.”

Yes, that is true and that is what is implied if we return to ‘status quo’.  Will we be debating the definition of “is” next, PolitiFactNC? We stupid readers. We have no opinion until it’s given to us. What a dumpster fire.

politifactnc - dumper fireNo matter how PolitiFactNC wants to spin this, what Cooper’s proposal is allowing for anyone to enter any facility  they want.

But who will know, right? Anyone can commit a crime in any location, but don’t worry the Governor has your back after the fact?

Should HB2 be repealed, under Cooper’s proposal, this process can start all over again with another Charlotte type ordinance in any municipality and it will. That’s not conjecture, it’s what has been said out loud by LGBT activists.  They fully intend to flood the state with multiple open facilities policies. That’s a serious omission by PolitiFactNC.

Equality NC Director and former NC General Assembly appointee, Chris Sgro, hit a national news show the day before the December repeal attempt and bragged how repeal of HB2 would pave the way for he and like-minded elected officials to flood NC with ordinances like Charlotte’s.  There’s video of Sgro describing his plan on MSNBC:

It is important to note why mimicking the Charlotte ordinance is problematic. PolitifactNC omitted from their article that the Charlotte Ordinance applied to both public and private businesses within the city limits and, as written, effectively required all businesses abandon single sex facilities.

What the Governor said in his press conference was clear, he intends to increase penalties on crimes committed in “bathrooms and dressing rooms.” What was in the press conference is the same talking points and material the Governor put out on his website.

Sorry, but that is a, “look but don’t touch” policy. The line you cherry picked out of a larger statement is true, not ‘pants on fire’.

Also, this statement in the ‘fact check’ has inherent flaws by omission:

We previously found that there’s no real history of safety problems associated with transgender-friendly bathroom rules.

That’s a rationalization based in lack of evidence; it’s trying to prove a negative and is intellectually dishonest.  That’s like saying there is no voter fraud, but not admitting that no one has investigated or that instances of it aren’t self-reported.

Does PolitiFactNC believe sexual predators are going to raise their hands and admit they’ll take advantage of an open facilities policy?  Sexual assault has been shown to be one of the most under-reported crimes out there.

Just a reminder, PolitiFactNC is a ‘partner of the News and Observer‘, whose sister paper the Charlotte Observer told readers that females just need to get over their “discomfort” of seeing male genitalia in public spaces.



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